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Groundskeeper Willie: It won’t last. Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like Englishmen and Scots! Or Welshmen and Scots! Or Japanese and Scots! Or Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!
As you must be aware by now the Tartan wearing, Whiskey drinking Scottish ETC team is making its way to Prague and Victory in the ETC. I thought that our readers here at Breakthrough Assault would appreciate an in depth view on our future FoW champion team.

Robin ‘Too much spare time’ Spence
Robin is team Scotland’s fearless leader, he has more experience with different armies in FoW than any other human alive, able to take an army, sometime only play it once, analyse its strengths and weakness’s before selling it on EBay. He is the brains behind team Scotland having worked out all the match ups, and already engaged in vicious psychological warfare with other teams to make them think he’s a blithering idiot with no idea. In fact he is as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University….

Laurence ‘Cid’ Donohoe 

If Robin is the brains behind team Scotland then CID is the tactical genius – brought in by the Breakthrough Assault A team at Campaign, his geniusness almost got the team promoted. His quiet unassuming style has led him to lead multiple tournaments before the final round, where he usually outplays himself into second third or fourth place. Bringing a very solid Romanian list to the ETC, I predict many players will be so befuddled by his tactical genius the game will be over before its begun.

Alex ‘Vompire’ Hamilton 

Years with the criminally insane, has unfortunately turned Alex into a sociopath, he no longer goes into FoW events to win, but to crush his opponents very souls and morale. He has been so effective at this in previous games he played that Dystopian Wars made a character of him, to stop him making other players quit the game in despair… Aided by his two cats (who are vicious hunters) Alex is the lethal threat in Team Scotland ready to remove a player from the FoW community for good.

Richard ‘Scottish Champion’ Hardy 

Richard is the beating scottishness at the heart of team Scotland. Having won the Scottish open, he has been elevated to the level of William the Bruce or Robert Wallace in Scottish folklore, and there have even been rumours of Burns night being renamed Hardy night in his honour. Charged with upholding Scottishness in the team (especially as many of us have had to flea Scotland due to various reasons) we could not be prouder to have this mighty champion in our side.

Martyn ‘Bastard of’ Bolton – ever wondered where the inspiration for Roose and Ramsey Bolton came from in ‘Game of thrones’? Meet Martyn, George RR Martin, couldn’t believe such a fearsome individual existed so split him into two people in the books…
Martyn is running the fearsome German Panzers, having taken no prisoners whilst sharpening his list at ‘Art or war’ he’s now in a position where any armoured or infantry list he feels confident in taking in a fair fight.

Adam ‘Genghis’ Cox 

The humble author of the Scottish teams profiles, and writer for this Blog, Frankly awesome, having spent hours discussing the finer points of French Recce with J.Brock from one of the colonial teams, he has reached a moment of Zen in playing FoW. And as Ben would say ‘he’s the least fun person to play against in the world’.

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