ETC Team Profiles – Team Northern Ireland

Guest post by Matt McVeigh 
After a good start, (14th in 2012) Team Northern Ireland have fallen upon hard times over the last two ETC’s, coming last in 2013 and in 2014 last but one. In 2015 a team of elite warriors has been selected to address this issue and to bring Team ‘Norn Iron’ back up the rankings (by one more spot at least hopefully!).

Team Captain – Jonny ‘Jonny 65’ Fisher

The ‘point collector’ of the team using an all-out attack tank list. Jonny will be looking for some good match ups – which is looking good since he is doing the pairings! A veteran of every ETC, Jonny is the first name on the team sheet and our best player. He’s tee-total though, which is a bit odd on this team, but then someone has to drive!

Vice Captain – James ‘Captain Galenus’ Ward

The teams ‘enforcer’ (he likes to think) and ETC vet, using every teams favourite Strelkovy list. Stern faced and serious, (but underneath soft centred like a chocolate éclair from the fridge), James is our tactician – he ‘talks a good game’ apparently. Controversially (in J65’s opinion anyhow) James have gone for the conscript horde rather than the trained Ruskies. Time will tell if he is a genius or not.

Jonny ‘The Walrus’ Miller

Jonny’s secret weapon is his broad nordie accent – basically not even native English speakers can understand him, so most of his opponents will have no chance! A team veteran from 2014’s ‘last but one’ performance, Jonny has been training hard with his German Tanks and promises to be in bed before 3am on at least some of the nights.

Gary ‘Causeway Gaz’ McFarlane

Sounds Canadian, but a true Nordie, Gary is using another competition favourite in the French recce. Another ETC Flames veteran, with good match ups great things is expected of Gary and his vehicle horde. Garys only potential weakness is his lack of training nights in the bar after games. There are concerns that the late nights will hamper his performance – we will see.

Matt ‘The Count’ McVeigh

Veteran in more ways than one, Matts good play is very often diminished by his insistence on taking a different army to every competition he enters. One asset is his mainland location, giving him more experience in tournament play than others in the team. Having had his beloved Italians snatched away by the new boy, to Jonnys chagrin, Matt has opted for LRDG, on the basis that no one will know how to play it, since we are unlikely to be playing top teams – again time will tell if he is a genius or a six time loser!

Dave ‘Random Dave’ Bates

Dave is the teams only merc. When a last minute replacement was required, Dave was the obvious choice – having already proved his credentials on several late nights out with the team in Belfast – oh – and he is an OK Flames player as well! Dave was moved to the ‘come and get it’ Italian HMG list, which suited his patient style of play. (More than its original owner Matt to be honest!) Dave may turn out to be the whipping boy or an inspired choice.