ETC Team Profiles – Team England

Special article by the most Special Lord C

Jez Evans (Captain)

Jez has been wargaming to a high standard for years getting to the top of DBM rankings. He enjoys wargaminng so much he has his own shop! But this is not his profession. His FoW achievements include being the UKs No.1 ranked player in the past, Currently No.3 (I think due to the site being down), at just about every event he enters Jez is in the top 3 players. He is the only other player to win the Welsh Open besides Steve Charlton, this year he shared this with Steve C. He is very consistant and one of his biggest strengths is the ability to compose a very difficult list to beat.

Graham Willmot ‘The Exile’

Graham is out exiled English player living in Belgium. He is a very consistant player who has been one of the few people to be able to master Soviet forces in any period. He has been wargaming for many years and is one of the ‘younger’ members of the Bunshop Club. He has climbed to being UK No.1 this year for a short period and is the only person to knock Steve Charlton off the No.1 spot in the last 4/5 years. In the ast 12 months he has won the EGT and Corrivalry.Current ranking No.2.

John Hopwood

John is one of the original English Team who attended the first FoW ETC event in Poland. He is an accomplished player winning and placing in many events. He has won Corrivaly and the EGT two of the biggest events, he’s always in the mix and a challenging opponent. He is ranked in the top 10 of the UK.

Pete Entwistle

Pete is another of the ‘originals’ who attended the first ETC. He is a member of the Lancashire Hotpots club who often produce good wargamers. He is one of the most accomplished painters in wargames, which is amazing as they only have candles in the North West as light! He is a solid player especially with German forces as this has been his armies nationality of choice for many years.

Kevin Perry (the silver fox)

Kevin is one of the most consistent players in the UK often challenging for top spot but not quite made it in a big comp but often being placed. The second best player in the principality of Bournemouth and a tough tough opponent to break. Like all grey horses a favorite with the ladies!

Steve Charlton (Lord C)

The Lord C has nothing to do with Steve’s wargaming accomplishments, its because he is a Scottish Laird but he can’t remember his full title!!! Steve has wargamed for 35 years since 11. He has been the UK No.1 for 4/5 years only to be knocked off by Graham for a couple of months before retaking his place at the top. He has won over 90 wargames trophies! He has won Corrivaly three years running and has won the EGT, Steve is the only player to win the Welsh Open (except this year he shared the top spot with Jez). Steve won the first FoW event he entered which at the time was the biggest in the UK.

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