One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Army – EW French Part Two

Hi All

Welcome to part two of my French army painting challenge. As you might remember from part one I picked up a French army in a trade and I have sent myself the goal of getting 1550pts paint by the 13th December for a tournament. This week I have paint two platoons of Hotchkiss tanks.


I kept the scheme the same as my Somuas from the previous post, but being a bit smaller they were much quicker to paint. Both platoons have one long barrelled and two short barrelled versions. I have got two games in with the French, both 4-3 wins (but more importantly both cracking games!), the Hotchkiss were really good in both games. The FA 3 is a massive advantage and the gun does pack a surprising punch even if they are only AT 4 and 5 in an era where FA 1 and 2 is common they can still support the Somuas well.


Here is the army so far, not bad for three days painting. Next up will be the Panhards and the second platoon of Somuas, still as I type I only have eight days left to paint them…. and a pile of Team Yankee stuff for demo’s….


Thanks for reading