Making Scenic Objective Markers

Hi All, Andy here,

I’ve had a bit of a break from much hobbying over the last few months. Life in general has been somewhat more lively recently what with buying a house, being made redundant from my job, panicking about how I’m going to pay for said house, summer, getting a new job.

Anyway things are settling down again now but I’d lost all hobby momentum and wanted to do something fun to get back into things. I found some spare Open Fire shermans and decided a couple of scenic objective markers were in order.

I started simple with this first one. Its mounted at a bit of an angle, not that you can really tell in the photo and has a shell hole in the front drivetrain casting. In hindsight I don’t really like the battle damage on this one but I was keen not to go over the top on my first go. I would’ve liked to do a broken track or something but the Open Fire model doesn’t really lend itself to that.

Now this one I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’d been keen to have a go a modelling/painting something on fire for a while. Its made using some wire covered in milliput with clump foliage superglued to the outside. A few coatings of watered down PVA helps to harden the foam clump foliage.

When it comes to painting remember to have the lightest colours in the recesses and close to the heat source and get darker as you work outwards. I used to paint fire totally backwards in my youth/40K days and I look back at them now and realise how bad it looks!

I Thought I’d try and do a quick scenic shot to show how much better the scenic objectives look over flat card/plastic ones but I got the lighting all wrong. You get the gist though..
 That’s all for now and cheers for reading!


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  1. maybe you could explain how to do the fade from yellow to red to black? I’ve always wondered how to do that.

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