Down To A “T”: Comparing The T Series Tanks, Part 2-The T62

So, here we are for the second installment of my three part series comparing the T Series tanks across the countries that use them in Team Yankee. I will compare them based on Armor/Armament, Skills Ratings, and Points cost to crown the “best value” version of the tank. Again, this is solely my assessment and you as the player play what you like as that’s what matters!

Today, we will look at the newest addition to the T series line in Team Yankee, the T62. The T62 has caused a pretty good ruckus in the Team Yankee community, being right in between the T55 and the T72 in capabilities. Not to mention, it’s one sweet looking mini! So, we will give a little backstory to the T62 then do a head to head comparison of the Iraqi and Soviet versions. NOTE: I am again leaving the Iranians out based off the near identical stats to the Iraqi version and the fact it cannot be taken in the same quantities as the other two.

The T62

The T62 MBT was developed in the Soviet Union and entered active service in 1961. The development of the tank grew out of a requirement to mount a more powerful gun than that of the 100mm weapon of the T55, which was proving to have difficulty penetrating the latest NATO tanks of the time. When a 115mm smoothbore was mounted on the T55, the tank proved unable to accommodate it and so development was begun on a new, larger hull, which would become the T62. Since its introduction, and like its other T series siblings, the T62 has served around the globe in many armed conflicts. It saw service in the Golan Heights during the 1973 War, The Iran-Iraq War (where, at the Battle of Dezful the Iraqi T62s destroyed nearly 215 Iranian Chieftains and M60s for the loss of only 45 T62s!), Soviet-Afghan War, and even still in service in the Russian Federation in Chechnya and South Ossetia. The design has proved rugged and reliable, and still soldiers on in many parts of the world. Now, lets compare the Soviet and Iraqi versions in Team Yankee.


In keeping with tradition, the Soviet Union retained the better models of T62s for themselves and exported other, more basic variants. This is wholly reflected in the game. The Soviet T62M has an armor rating of 14/9/2 with Bazooka Skirts. While this is not the greatest armor package, it is comparable to the M60 and can reasonably survive certain light AT rockets and ATGMs. It boasts an AT21 cannon with Brutal, Laser Rangefinder, and InfraRed. This gun is comparable to the T72M, and is one point better than the M60, its closest rival on the NATO side. Of note, and for a 2 point upgrade, you can equip the T62M with AT-10 “Stabber” missiles. The missiles have a 16-48″ range for AT21 and FP 3+. Not bad at all! The Iraqi version weighs in at 13/9/2 with no bazooka skirts, and no option for them. This really is a stripped down, bare bones T62. The gun is AT19, Brutal, but is also Slow Firing and no Laser Rangefinder. The gun does fortunately have InfraRed. As far as armor and armament goes, the Soviet clearly wins this one.

WINNER: Soviets

Skill Ratings

Ahmed lost the bet that he could jump the berm.

Now, far as skill goes, neither the Soviet or Iraqi Armies were particularly known for their tactical acumen at the small unit level. As such, both are Rated skill 5+ and Courage 4+. Both also have similar assault ratings of 5+ and counterattack of 4+. Where the difference comes in is in the morale and remount ratings. The Iraqis were never really motivated soldiers, but would fight when they had to and so their ratings sit at 4+. The Soviets, on the other hand, tended to be well motivated whether out of true belief or fear and have a morale/remount ratings of 3+ With the skill sets very close together, I feel that the edge goes to the Soviets once again based off their better morale ratings.

WINNER: Soviets


As I pointed out in my previous article, there are many ways to qualify points value. I chose to go with how many tanks I could fit in a 93 point, reasonably balanced list. As such, I like to dedicate half my points to my compulsory, or core maneuver units. And, in this one regard, the Iraqis can take A LOT of tanks! At 47 points, the Iraqis get a HQ and THREE full strength companies for a staggering 31 tanks! While these are bottom tier tanks, that is nearly a 5:1 advantage against Leo2s, and a 4:1 advantage against IPM1s at much cheaper point costs. For the Soviets, they can still bring a respectable 19 T62Ms for 53 points, and these tanks are far superior to the Iraqis. However, I am going to give the Iraqis the edge as those sort of numbers will give it an easy 2:1 advantage against nearly any NATO and even some WARPACT tank builds.

WINNER: Iraqis

And The Winner Is…..

This was a fun analysis, a good head to head comparison of the new hotness for Soviets and Iraqis players to build. However, there must be a winner, and to me the Soviet T62M reigns supreme. While the Iraqis can bring a huge amount of hulls, the tank absolutely will have to get to the flank of most threats to cause damage, and even then it has no laser rangefinder, bazooka skirts, or stabilizer nor are the crews skilled enough to pull off movement orders. Granted, neither are the Soviets, but the Soviets have the benefit of a much better quality tank and can still take a sizeable number of a Brutal gun for infantry or AT21 that can handle most threats. So, put on your ushanka, and drink a vodka toast to another feat of the Workers in the Motherland!

*cue patriotic Russian choral music*

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