Dice of War – Team Yankee West German Dice and Wallet Review

Today Paul takes a look at the new West German dice from Dice of War.

I was very excited to be offered a set of Team Yankee Dice Of War (DoW) dice to review for Breakthrough Assault. I went ahead and selected a set of West German dice for the army I am building.


As an Australian, it isn’t often I get the opportunity to review an Australian wargame product. Dice of War is one such Australian supplier. DoW has an extensive range of Flames of War, Team Yankee, Napoleonic and even a set of dragon dice. The full range can be found on the the DoW Facebook page  or the website. The website has an easy to use online store.

The dice box and wallet were really well packed and arrived in just 2 business days from Adam at DoW. Adam even provided me a tracking number so there was little chance of anything going wrong.


I have always been in that group of gamers who likes to have dice and accessories to match my armies. I have 8 or so of the battlefront ones and was very disappointed when they stopped making the tins. Yes, they offer dice and counters but I also like to have the matching tin to store them in.


The DoW offer is in many ways similar. The tin and each of the 16 dice share the same insignia. The insignia is on the 6 face of each die. The tin fits in the dice tin pocket of a flames of war bag. From here though, there are some differences. The DoW tin boasts a foam insert without divisions. This allows a greater flexibility of storage. It will still allow dice, counters and objective markers to be stored, however it also has space for laser pointers and even small tape measures. It will easily allow for 2 sets (32) dice. On the downside, DoW don’t provide counters. You will need to source these yourself.


The foam insert allows the tin to be used as a dice rolling area without the clink clink of dice on metal. This is particularly useful for those busy tables where there is little free space to roll a set of dice easily.


The dice themselves are slightly larger than the FOW dice and are of a high quality. They have rounded edges and the insignia is carved into the face, not simply pasted on like some of the cheaper alternatives.


The wallet also contains an insignia on the cover. Like the dice box, it is a sticker. The wallet is made of really thick plastic and there are enough sleeves to hold 20 cards. The wallet is very close in size to the tin. For TY and soon FOW, cards will be part of the game. It looks like you can run without them but I am yet to work out how hard or easy that will be. It is nice to have the option of a wallet.

For those Aussies going to Cancon, Adam has lots of dice sets available. If you want to roll some quality dice at Cancon, contact Adam and ask him to bring you along a set.

For the rest of the world, you are also welcome to collect a set at Cancon.  🙂 Alternatively, I am sure Adam can mail you a set.

Adam and Dice of War are supporters and friends of Breakthrough assault.

I hope you enjoyed this article!




4 thoughts on “Dice of War – Team Yankee West German Dice and Wallet Review

  1. Those sets are superb! I have two sets now for my FoW German armies: 653.sPzJgAbt dice & 2.Gebirgsjäger Division dice+tin.

    Both are top quality: sharp insignias, good colors and the size is very good. You don’t have to pincer those dice with your fingers and hope you can catch them. I highly recommend getting a one.

    Oh and I live in Finland and the mailing from Adam works fantastically! It didn’t take long to get the dice after ordering and the distance is from the other side of the world!

  2. Agree , dice and tins are good . Adam did the Belgian Brigade Piron for me , even though there wasn’t many who have asked for that unit .

  3. I bought the wallet. The slots are way too big for bfs cards, the stay in, but I expected a better fit. The emblem on the front is just a sticker, wonder how long that will last. I do like just wished for $18 + $10 postage it was more worth it.

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