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We recently got sent these great dice by Adam over at Dice of War. They are a great set of designs which cover a wide variety of designs, we had a selection including 6th Gerbisjager, Panzer Lehr, New Zealand, Black Bull – for a full listing and also his next wave of dice go check his Facebook page.

The dice themselves seem slightly larger than the Dice you got in the FoW tins, as they didn’t quite fit in but only just – you can still have them loose in a tin and close the lid easily.

The designs are pretty good as well, with accurate designs in contrasting colours – (the only criticism was that the highland division dice are hard to read in low light levels) they cover some of the well played lists I’ve come across and taking them to Art of War quite a few people expressed an interest in them.

Speaking of which the real question is – how do they roll? To test this out we took the selection we’d been sent and split them up between the four of us at ‘Art of War too’ this weekend to see how well they worked on the field.

I had the gerbisjager dice – these to me seemed to roll more 6’s – but I think the bias is more the bright green was really noticeable!

The SS gerbisjager – were great as long as avoided using them for firepower tests, where they seemed to roll a lot of 1’s.

The 2nd panzer though seemed to ensure my nebs ranged in! And rolled low both times I diced off to defend.

Fez found the ones he took – Lehr and the Schwere panzer rolled equally as poorly as his existing dice (so consistency is good)

And Ben found that his didn’t help his final placing in the slightest. More importantly none of us found the need to sacrifice one to appease the dice gods!

They’re a really great section of designs, and the dice worked well on the table – so go check it out now and see if you’re army can get the matching dice it needs to succeed. 

Next 10 sets are as follows, Japan, Israel, Soviet (winter), Soviet (armoured), Canada (generic), 4th Canadian armoured division, SS totenkopf, 2nd Gebirgsjager division, Aussie (kangaroo), and allied star

Final review 6/6 for D6 ability

3 thoughts on “Dice of War – Dice Review

  1. I got myself the 653.sPzJgAbt dice from Adam and boy they look great. The detail is very sharp. Haven't have a chance yet to try them out but I hope I have them rolling next week. At least they will be rolling in Talvisota 2016 tournament here in Finland in the end of January.

  2. Suggested US armor dice for him, and they are probably in pipeline now. Winter war here also, maybe I get them for that, most likely not.

  3. I have been waiting for the Aussie and SSTK dice for awhile, I have also suggested 654 Schwere Panzer jager, and have found Adam to be very receptive to ideas

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