DAK – On the cards

Today Paul lays his cards on the table.

A while back, I shared a DAK list, with the release of the new Battlefront cards it seemed a great opportunity to revisit the list and add some cards. There is an event coming up later in the year in Australia where players would bring a normal 100 point MW force and spend an additional 10 points on the cards. Lets run with that format then.

Here is a quick reminder of my 100 point list:

DAK Panzer III Company

HQ 2 x Panzer III (Short 5cm)

Panzer III Zug 3 x Panzer III (Short 7.5cm

Panzer III Zug 4 x Panzer III (Short 5cm)

Panzer IV Zug 4 x Panzer IV (Short 7.5cm)

Panzer II Zug 3 x Panzer II

Marder Platoon 4 x Marder III 7.6cm


As I outlined in the previous article, I have only played a handful of V4 games so don’t know how competitive this list will be. Same goes for the cards. Hopefully if nothing else, this will serve as a starting point for future builds


To me, a German MW tank force is a small, elite formation. It will likely be outnumbered by it’s British opponents and presumably future Italian forces. Small forces need time to deal with larger forces and take them apart piecemeal. This means they need help to survive for as long as possible. I have therefore used this rationale to build my lists and select my cards.


The inherent German lists helps with this goal. There are a number of rules that allow the Panzers to stay alive and blast the enemy. The vehicles are veteran so are hardest of all troops to hit. The Panzer IIIs and IVs have protected ammo so remount of a 3+. This allows the Germans to not only reduce the chance of not being able to fire due to being bailed out but, being more likely to remount, therefore reducing the chance of talking a last stand test. Should they reach the point to take a last stand test, they pass it on a 3+ not a 4+. Finally the Germans may make 2 movement orders per unit. Allowing them more chance at maneuver to limit return fire.



So, now onto the cards. Having established the theme and aims of the list, I want the cards I select to mirror this plan. So lets start with cards that enhance the aspects I listed above to keep me alive. First up, a warrior:


Josef Rettemeier – 4 Points.

The card allows a unit whose leader is within 15cm and line of sight of the formation commander to shoot and scoot on a 2+

The formation commander may re-roll one dice to hit in each shooting step.

Josef Rettemeier seems like a great force multiplier to start with. Shoot and scout is an order that allows a unit to move away, possibly out of sight, after shooting. This is very similar to the now extinct stormtrooper rule. Being able to pass on a 2+ means that units will rarely fail. Best of all, it applies to all units within the necessary range. Potentially, this could be every unit in a force.

Re-rolling a shooting dice is a nice bonus.



Mission Tactics – 3 Points

This card increases the formation commanders command leadership from 15cm to 20 cms.

The card can also be discarded to automatically pass a unit last stand test within 20cms of the formation commander.

One of the best ways to build strength in a list is to combine units and rules that complement each other. Rettemeier and Mission Tactics are examples of this. Rettemeier allows a shoot and scoot on a 2+, Mission Tactics increase the range this can occur in. It also allows a wider umbrella for command re-rolls. Best of all, units can spread out further and still be in command.


So, I have spent 7 points and all my eggs so far in one tanky basket. I will need to work very hard to keep the force commander alive! Lets spend the last 3 points.



Pure Luck – 1 point

The card can be discarded to re-roll one dice.

This is a cheap card but could have extreme value in the right circumstance. It could allow the re-roll of an important last stand check, be used for a critical reserve roll, re-roll a critical firepower role etc. I will likely hold onto this card until really needed. It might get me out of the hot water. For a single point, that seems like good value.

Forward Scouts – 2 points

A Panzer II platoon gains scout. I.E remains gone to ground when moving.

This sounds like a fun card. However, at the same time it will help those panzer IIs alive. Again, in theme with the list, I can push a little harder than normal with this unit and have reasonable expectation of them surviving. When concealed and they don’t shoot, opponents will need a 6 to hit as close range and a 7 at long range.


Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this article.