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Ben here with my Corrivaly tournament after action report. Again like when we went to The Brighton Bash, as myself and Adam left in the early hours of the morning the weather was awful. This time instead of Rain we had snow! Still we got there in one piece and took in the venue. I must say the iCon centre was a great venue, very big and had a lovely cafe.

Corrivaly has an interesting tournament format, it was 1750pts LW but you got to take 2 lists, the core had to be the same, but you had a 750pts swap out. The other interesting format was instead of having one mission everyone plays each round, each table has a different mission on it that staying the same for the whole event.

Like Brighton I was using my US Paras out of Nuts! My main list was:-

  • HQ + Spiers and Lipton
  • US Para Platoon + Extra Bazooka, 2 Rifles to Bazookas and Toccoa Sergeants
  • US Para Platoon + Extra Bazooka, 2 Rifles to Bazookas and Toccoa Sergeants
  • 4 LMG’s
  • 3 57mm Anti Tank Guns and 3 Bazookas
  • 4 Recon Jeeps
  • 4 M18 Tank Destroyers
  • 6 M3 105mm Light Howitzers
  • AOP

My other list had 4 Trained Shermans and the Artillery split into 2 platoons of 3 for the lose of Spiers, the Anti Tank Guns and the Jeeps. I only used the other list once as I really didn’t rate it, but thought the Shermans might be worth in a few situations, really I learnt they need a Jumbo to be worth it if you run them as trained. Anyway the draw went up and went to find my first opponent of my second ever FOW tournament.

Game 1 – Graham Klake – Panzer Grenadiers – Cauldron

Graham was using Armoured Panzer Grens from a PDF (not sure which one). He had:-

  • HQ + 2 Panzer Knackers and a Panzershreck
  • Armoured Gren Platoon + Panzerknacker
  • Armoured Gren Platoon + Panzerknacker
  • 3 Panzer II Luchs
  • 4 StuH’s
  • 3 Panthers
  • 3 Nebs
We’re Paratoopers….
The board really dominated the game with a massive hill in the middle, I choice to defend the hill and Graham placed both objectives behind the hill. I left the Jeeps, M18’s and a Platoon of Paras as my reserve and deploy my Artillery, second Para platoon and the Anti Tank guns to cover the two objectives.

…we’re meant to be surrounded!

Graham deployed his Nebs, Panthers and a Gren Platoon. He quickly moved up and quickly brought the StuH’s on to try and kill off a few Paras. I brought on my M18’s to go Panther hunting, but almost lost the security section when Grahams Panzer II Luchs came on, fortunately for they failed to kill anything and I quickly got the M18’s down before I didn’t have the choice to! They did their job and killed 2 Panthers, but then spent 3 turns trading shots with the Panzer II’s and the remaining Panther but failed to kill anything else before I finally lost the platoon…. but they did buy be a lot of time on that flank.

On the other side the StuH’s failed to do any damage to my infantry for more turns than I care to count so Graham could not assault the objectives. While all this was going on my Para platoon came on from behind Graham’s Nebs and assaulted them taking out his artillery. Possible seeing the game was getting away from him Graham focused on my Jeeps that came on just after the Para Platoon and killed a second platoon.

Graham did have one final try to assault the objective as time was called but couldn’t get through the defencive fire. So the game ended 4-3 to me. A nice game and a great way to start the event.

Game 2 – Richard Walker – German Grenadiers – Breakthrough

Game 2 was against Richard, he was using German Grenadiers from I believe Grey Wolf. His list was:-

  • HQ + Feldwedd Luding + Panzershrecks + Mortars
  • Grenadier Platoon + Panzerfaust
  • Grenadier Platoon + Panzerfaust
  • Pioneers + Supply Cart
  • 3 Radio Stugs
  • 3 Brummbars
  • Scout Platoon
  • 3 Armoured Nebs + Extra Crew
  • 3 2cm unarmoured 
  • 1 T34/76

This is the only game were I used my list with the Sherman Platoon. I probably should have used the other list but as we had to roll off too see who attacked and I thought the armoured platoon would be useful if I had lost the dice off. Anyway we rolled off I and had to defend. I put the Shermans in reserve as the M18’s would be better on the table. Richard put the Pioneers with the 1IC and Luding and the StuG’s in reserve.

Rich really surprised me with how aggressive he was on turn one. He really pushed up into the face of one of my platoons of Paras with a platoon of infantry, the anti air and Brummbars. This put me on the back foot a fair bit early on. The other non engaged platoon moved to cover the two objectives. A lucky artillery barrage and I managed to kill the platoon commander of the Anti Air and one of the trucks holding them in place.

The following turn followed a similar pattern, but on turn 3 my Shermans turned up and I went on the offencive. They raced forward and shot up the Burmmbars.

The game then turned into a race, could I kill 5 platoons before Rich took an objective? The StuG’s come on behind me and I decided to go in for the kill. My Artillery took out the T34, the Shermans finished off the Anti Aircraft guns and one of my Para platoons destroyed the StuG’s along with the M18’s. That was 4 platoons, so I decided to do a risky charge into Richard’s Scout platoon. If I got in and wiped the platoon out Rich would be on Company Moral checks which should mean I can get the win. But with 9 dice my Paras are pinned and the next turn they are wiped out. The Pioneers then clear both objectives and I can’t contest 2 objectives so in my last turn I try to kill the artillery to force a moral check but fail and Rich takes the game 3-4. Still a close and enjoyable game. I probably was to aggressive but if it had worked I think I would have had the game in the bag

Game 3 – Paul Harvey – Fallschirmjagers – Free For All

So onto game 3 against Paul and the board of death! I will be honest I was not looking forward to the game, the board was a massive 6 foot by 6 foot monster had a river in the middle and had almost no cover as wheat fields had been ruled for this weekend as only gives concealment and not area cover for infantry. So two infantry armies in Free For All and no cover…. this was not going to be fun! The only real cover was a bridge that cut the board in two, this would dictate were all of the fighting would take place. Paul was running FJ’s out of Bridge By Bridge, he had:-

  • HQ
  • Short FJ platoon + Faust
  • Short FJ platoon + Faust
  • 4 Pak 40’s
  • Flak 88’s – RT
  • 4 HMG’s
  • 3 Light 2cm AA
  • 4 StuG’s
  • Heavy artillery (4 guns)

So with that the board and the armies we decided that we should just get suck in as otherwise it would just be a 1-1 draw and that wouldn’t help either of us. I set up to cover my objectives with my artillery, a Para platoon and my anti tank guns. Paul set up very similarly. for his deployment. We both ended up attacking down the my right hand side and had a bit of a blood bath.

So going aggressive I ran my Jeeps, Security section and a Para platoon down my right flank. Paul countered with his Stugs and both FJ Platoons. His artillery really started to make themselves felt from turn 1 as did his Flak 88’s. I popped my M18’s quite early to deal with Paul’s StuG’s and wiped them out in one turn of shooting. Paul was able to massive firepower on my Jeeps and they also bit the dust. The Paras assault the first FJ platoon and route the platoon but take heavy loses in the process. They then assault the second platoon but are wiped out leaving only a couple of stands of FJ’s standing. I now had a chance to win the game with my M 18’s I lost 2 on the way across the board, I moved up to .50cal the last of the FJ’s and finished off the platoon. All I then had to do was survive 2 Flak 88’s and an artillery battery direct firing at them, I didn’t and with time almost up and neither of us in a position to attack we called it a 3-3 draw.

The game was a blast, me and Paul just got into the spirit of things and tried to have fun. If I had thought about it I probably should have not attached my LMG platoon to the Para Platoons, kept them back to cover my objectives and charged both Para platoons up the flank. I think they would have taken the objective, but I was to occupied with the board. My bad really.

Game 4 – Andy Brown – Kampfgruppe Bake – Dust Up

So after a few beers the night before (and maybe a few more on top of that!) we headed back to the venue for the second day. I was praying that my next game would be against a tank army and sure enough I look at the draw and see Bake! Great I thought, I then saw it was Dust Up… less great but hell I was happy. My opponent was Andy Brown and his list was as follows:-

  • Dr Bake
  • 2 Tigers
  • 4 Panthers
  • 2 Armoured 2cm Flak 
  • 3 Armoured Cars (don’t remember which ones)
  • 3 Nebs.

A real problem for Andy is this game was the table, it was a snow board and had few roads. I choose to have my reserves come on from the only corner with a road. Andy deployed all 7 of his tanks on the board at the beginning of the game.

Andy started the game very aggressively. They spread out his Panthers to counter any of my reserves that would attack the objectives. His Tigers and Bake advanced towards the objectives in my deployment zone and tried to pick off my anti tank guns and Bazookas. while he did this I started shooting my artillery at his back unit of Panthers to try and wear the unit down.

This cat and mouse game went on for a bit unit my first reserves arrived in the form of my second unit of Paras. They went on the attack and moved towards the Panthers. Andy countered with his Panthers but a failed stormtrooper roll left them in assault range! At the same time the Tigers got to close to my other Para Platoon and I assaulted with both platoons. To guarantee the Panthers demise I also popped out Spiers and fired my Artillery at them who bailed two Panthers. This left no active tanks within 6″ and so my Paras assaulted and captured both tanks. The other assault as a bit riskier but I got into the Tigers and Bake killing a Tiger and Bake himself. at this point things were looking bad for Andy and he retreated his tanks towards the objectives. His reserves started to appear but as they are wheeled movement they could only move 4″ a turn so were going to take 6 turns to get to the objective and that was with Stormtrooper moves! I missed off the last of the tanks in assault and that was game, 6-1 to me.

While I really enjoyed playing Andy I do feel the armies were a bad match up for him, even if we hadn’t had a snow table.

Game 5 – Graham Willmott- Tankovy Batalon – Counter Attack

So the final game of the tournament. I again wished for tanks and got my wish! This time in the form Graham and his 25 Matildas horde…. oh well this is going to be a hard nut to crack! Grahams list was:-

  • HQ Matilda CS
  • 8 Matildas CS
  • 8 Matildas CS
  • 8 Matildas CS
  • 4 SU-100’s
  • 4 SU-100’s
  • 6 Mortars
  • 3 Anti Air Guns
  • 3 BA-64
  • 6 Pioneers
This was a cracking game and it had everything thing (I really wish I could have Batrepped it, but it;s a bit impractical in a tournament). Graham massed his Tanks to move towards the far objective, I popped my M18’s quite early and then and the artillery started a duel with the Matildas and the SU-100’s. I slowly wore the Matildas down knowing out one platoon early on. I was also moving one of the Para platoons and the Bazookas and platoon commander of the anti tank guns towards the objectives. 

The firefight continued for many turns with a few Matildas being lost each turn until there was only one platoon left. I had the chance to assault the platoon and the only tanks in range of my attack were the Company and Battalion commanders, if they were destroyed Graham would be forced to move this SU-100’s to within assault range of my Infantry and thats would only be if the Matildas didn’t break causing an auto failed Company Moral test. But with 9 dice Graham managed to hit 7 times…. I then had another chance to assault the same platoon later with would have caused a Platoon Moral check and so possible a Company check but it wasn’t to be and Graham finally after 12 or so turns took the objective and won the game 3-4. In the end I killed 19 out of the 25 Matildas but not quite enough to win the game.

Closing thoughts

Well what can I say, I had 5 enjoyable games and I don’t think you can ask for more than that. I finished up 25th out of 80 and more importantly 3 places ahead of Adam! If things had gone a little different I might have been able to pull out a few more wins, but I do feel I learnt a lot about the game over the weekend. The event was well run and I will make sure I’m free again for next years event. I’d like to thank Graham, Richard, Paul, Andy and Graham for 5 great games. Congrats to all the winners and more importantly a big thank you to everyone involved in setting up and running the event.

I do think I’ll be putting the US Paras to one side for the next few games, I have used them quite a few times this year already and I had a load more games still to come against Adam. I do love the army but I’d like to do something instead of defend. Maybe I’ll have a few games with the 11th Armoured.

I have put a photo dump from the event at the end of this post.

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the write up and until next time,


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