Corrivalry – Stuarts Ho!

So as may have been alluded to on a few occasions, I’ve been trying to put together a list of late war Stuarts for a while. This is the list memorably described by Winner as ‘the worst list I have ever seen’, shortly before it ground him down to a 3-4 win (I lost, it’s not that good).

So this idea came about when I read the bridge at Remargen book and saw the Task Force Rider’s special rule which let’s armoured rifle companies bin off their half tracks an sit on tanks gaining a 3+ save, rather than a 5+ save. I thought ‘that’s quite cool’ and then looked at how I could maximise light nippy Staurts using the armoured rifle bazookas to compensate for the rubbish guns on the tanks. The idea is that the Stuarts kill infantry (very well with stabilisers and loads of machine guns) while the armoured rifles dismount to scrag anything bigger than a panzer IV.
Anyhow, this struggled a bit in playtesting, particularly when my dice were awful and when I realised that Machine Gunning tanks covered with men resulted in a dead armoured rifle platoon, regardless of a 3+ save.
So out went task force riders and in came the half tracks (it turns out armour works better between you and the enemy, not behind you maximising ricochettes).
I then struggled a lot with points and found I needed to make more sacrifices than I was willing to to fit everything in using the confident vets from Remargen. 
I then looked at the reluctant vet option, I could get more stuff but reluctant is an arse to attack with. So I rummaged around on easy army and forces of war until I came up with the confident trained 3rd AD light tank company from Overlord.
Dropping to trained is a big deal, suddenly my poorly armoured tanks are easier to hit, but on the flip side there are a shit ton more of them. Yes I’ll lose some more tanks, but hopefully they won’t matter as much individually. I can also get the various support options in spades, which makes up for the deficits of using an at best early-mid war tank in late war.
So, I’ve come up with the following for corrivalry, 1800 points worth of trained auto-attacking, spearheading, light tank spam:

HQ – 2 Stuarts, duh. 
Combat Platoon 1 – 5 Stuarts

Combat platoon 2 – 5 Stuarts

Combat platoon 3 – 5 Stuarts

Weapons platoon 1 – Recon platoon with bazooka upgrade

Weapons platoon 2 – 6 Sherman Assault Guns, this platoon is awesome, breakthrough guns which can fire direct smoke, bombardments and using the US rules combine with the priests to fire an almighty time on target bombardment from hell.

Support platoon 1 – tank destroyers with 4 M10’s
Support platoon 2 – armoured rifle platoon
Support platoon 3 – armoured field artillery battery with 3 priests and an M4 Sherman OP

And an unpictured AOP, just to because.

Now the plan is simple, attack and keep going until I run out of troops or win. There is no swap out, why would I need one? 
The army mounted up in their vehicles ready to break out

4 thoughts on “Corrivalry – Stuarts Ho!

  1. Alex, love the list! That should be really fun to play. I wanted to point out that you can't ToT with the Sherman 105s (you can still combine, but ToT requires all of the platoons to have a staff team). Don't worry, they're still awesome.

  2. Variably. I was expecting to do well against infantry and struggle against medium tanks. It turned out the opposite was true, my two wins were against Tankovy and Panzer Leher from panzers to the Meuse. I lost against some Herman Goering mech and a motors trek list 6-1 and drew against some grenadiers. I learnt a lot mind and I'm putting together a 'using the Stuart in late war' article for some time next month.

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