Corrivalry – Panzerkompanie : Fortress Italy

Hi all so it’s corrivalry yet again, and once more time to build a list!

Now I’m not expecting a repeat of my heroics from last year – mainly due to my imposed exile from vet infantry lists. One of my thoughts when making a list for this event is that I want to maximise the swap out – it’s one of the best bits about this event, lists which usually are ignored because they can’t ‘do everything’ now get brought out as the swap can mitigate this.

I was tempted by Westfalen, but I struggled for a good swap out. My gaze then rested on my original idea for BA3, the Panzers in Italy.
This list appeals to me as it’s got all the options I like in a panzer list, anti air, recce, smoke, they’re all vet and they’re all cheap. Whilst the meuse list was also in contention, especially with always attack and spearhead, it doesn’t have the great anti infantry options the Italy list has.

So the core of the list is below.

You’ve got 2 Panzer IV in the HQ and a platoon of 4 – these guys are still one of the best workhorse tanks in the game, the AT 11 is not spectacular but can still bother T-34’s and Shermans, and the schurzen still helps in assaults.

Next is a platoon of three panthers – yes panthers! I’m really liking AT14 again, if you look back at the Nachtjager AAR Ben and myself did, 8 AT14 tanks was not a bad combo. They are very manoeuvrable, still have a decent chance against all but AT15+.

With the two core platoons, now comes the ‘obligatory’ support – it’s not obligatory but in my head, and with my style of play I think they are. Firstly smoke, 2 nebs – I’d have loved 3 but the points just aren’t there – I will take the transports though, in mobile battles if I’m defending I don’t want them on the board.

Next is the recce, 2 8-rads – they do recce well and don’t tempt me into any heroics! Finally my mighty flakpanzer 38t’s they are only going after AOP with their AA mounts, but they might get lucky and snipe a plane. Finally not an obligatory choice, but as in both my lists I had spare points – a bergpanther – never underestimate its power.

So what about my optional swap outs? Well I want one version which will be good against tanks, and another which will be good against infantry.

So the anti tank lists gets 3 panzer IV/70 – handily exactly 450 points. The extra AT14 will help here, and even if I’m defending in a mobile battle I’ll now have 6 AT14 guns on the table, and FA9 still does the trick I hope.

For the anti infantry options this list is spoilt for choice! The first are my Semovente 105/25’s, they’re basically a poor mans StuH42, but a breakthrough gun at RoF 2 never hurts against infantry. The rest of the points go on two Flammpanzer tanks, with RoF 4 and FA6, they have to be dealt with by infantry players.

So what do I think the list will do against some of the match ups? Well against infantry it’ll be interesting I think. If I was facing a 2ID style list with two AT options I’m going to have to threaten with both the flammpanzers attached to the Panzers, and the Semovente as well – they may be able to overwhelm one, but I hope not both.

Against a more medium tank list like CAR or 7th AD, it’ll be tough, especially defending in mobile battles, in half on/off I’ll be ok I think – but it’ll require me to hold my nerve as they advance.

The tough ones I think will be hoard tank armies like the soviets, I have a lot of shots, but I’ll really have to protect my weak units. The other real worry are the BaR big cat lists, I can’t hurt them head on, have no arty to speak of, and no infantry to assault. Flanking and hopefully bails from flammpanzers may be my best bet!

Anyway let’s see how it does.