Confessions of a Sinner – Medium Mortar Platoon

Today, Coxer continues with his Confessions.  This time we look at the humble medium mortar.

Every so often I paint up a unit and just think to myself – not you again! In many ways, the mortar sum this up perfectly; I’ve done them for my Late War Germans, my British, my Finnish, and I got so bored just reviewing them for my French that I wrote a whole article on them.

2016-09-11-10-38-52 2016-09-11-10-38-57

So, what do I have to say about them for my Early War (EW) Germans? Well, not much to be honest; I think my previous article on the use of mortars really says it all.  I have not developed any more great in depth tactical ideas, other that in EW I am a really big fan now of using mortars to take out gun teams in direct fire and utilise something else to actually drop smoke – such as my heavy mortars!

2016-09-11-10-39-07-hdr 2016-09-11-10-39-22

I painted the mortars (and my Pak 36/38 – a future post) all together.  The reason for this, as I moaned in a previous post, is that gun teams require switching from infantry to tank painting styles, and, whilst it helped in that regard, it negatively impacted my feeling I was getting anywhere with completing units.

2016-09-11-10-39-28 2016-09-11-10-39-37-hdr

For the actual painting of the infantry, I again used the same method as previous, albeit with a couple of changes.  Firstly,  didn’t bother with some of the smaller highlights as I felt before that they got lost in the final effect. By and large, that paid off as it saved time with no noticeable drawback until I took the photos and I noticed the faces looked flat.  The next lot will get a highlight there before the wash to add a little definition.

2016-09-11-10-36-39 2016-09-11-10-36-50

The other big change from the heavy mortars (and I then did to the heavy mortars) was adding crates etc to the bases, I felt they were lacking when I did the heavy mortars, and just a few scattered around the place breaks up the bases a little more and I think again ties them into the tanks better. I also used my ‘games and gears’ dropzone battle board, as I thought it looked better with the urban basing i’m doing than my rural one (even if the roads look rubbish)

2016-09-11-10-37-00 2016-09-11-10-37-06

Well, that’s it.  Not much more to add other than it’s now onto the anti tank guns, though with baby Coxer imminent that may be some time away…

Till next time!