Confessions of a sinner – Luftwaffe reinforcements 

Today Coxer covers the Luftwaffe element of his early war Germans.

So more progress on the force, this time some air/anti air support.

Both of these units are ‘rescue’ models; I picked them up off other people in various states of disrepair – the Stuka was caked in paint, and the Flak guns were base coated. Both of them got stripped by myself to try and get back to the base resin/metal – with varying degrees of success.


2016-10-07-12-14-13 2016-10-07-12-14-18

The Stuka is something I’ve thought would really work with my Pz 38t’s.  Now, if any of you with long memories can remember my pre ETC 2015 podcast, I slated this concept.  But the Pz 38t is nimble enough to avoid being up close with a potential target for my Stuka, so it does work. It also adds a decent template, some heavy AT and some AA; things all missing in my original panzer company list. I’ve only tried the list once so far and it did a decent job keeping the enemy heavy tanks honest.


Painting wise I did it the same way as my tanks, I originally tried to mask more panels on the side and on the wings, but the tape kept pulling off existing paint so I went for a broader painting area. The crosses were again done by airbrush – love those stencils! The cockpit I painted badly (as you can see) and had to cover multiple times in a black wash to hide this a little, just about passes. Finally you’ll notice the yellow on the wing tips, now I had finished the model, but it was lacking a little colour, so I remembered what I did with the Hinds for my Team Yankee Russians, and added some yellow to the wing tips, it just works in my eyes.


2016-10-14-10-09-39 2016-10-14-10-09-33

The 88’s are again an example of my assuming other people prep their models like me – look at the giant mold lines I missed on the side of the gun shield!

The scenic bases are nice, but meant I couldn’t get the pavement down like I did for my other models; its why I’m glad the flak’s have these big gun shields to help tie them together.

I did some flak 88’s before. That time I made the mistake of putting all the crew on a base, so this time the kit came with a second scenic base to remind me not to do that!

The transports were a misery to paint; they just didn’t inspire me and I’m not a fan of them anyway, but it’s good to have them. I was surprised how big they were, though!

2016-10-14-10-09-46 2016-10-14-10-09-49 2016-10-14-10-09-53

I really see these being used either if I do a Panzer company from Blitzkreig where they’re great heavy AT, or for more oomph to bolster an infantry list.

Anyway hope you like them, might do some artillery next I think…

One thought on “Confessions of a sinner – Luftwaffe reinforcements 

  1. Can’t abide overly blue windows, me. Don’t ever recall seeing uber blue windscreens in the real world.

    And don’t start me on ‘details that pop’. Things fade to grey. They don’t ‘pop’ at distance.

    Anyhoo, that Stuka’s glass looks fine and dandy, chap. Nice one.

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