Confessions of a sinner – Infantry 

Today, Coxer continues this week’s Infantry theme by looking at his EW German infantry.  Get your jackboots on!

Hi All Coxer here with a new instalment of my EW Germans – this time it’s the infantry.

Right off the cuff; I hate painting infantry! Tanks are great, gun teams aren’t bad, but infantry is just a slog – I really don’t know how I go through this, and once again I have that vow to never paint any infantry again due to this! I will say though that I’m pleased with the final result – having looked at the pictures from both the heavy and medium mortars, I’ve done a thinned black wash at the end of the painting process on the infantry too add a little more definition which I think was missing on the model previously.

2016-10-07-12-13-22 2016-10-07-12-13-18

Preparing the models has been tough, I’ve had to be really be careful when taking the tabs off the models to not lose a leg, and likewise after the process is done, I have to be careful when lifting the model from the case to not break off a model from the base – how I wish I’d done something similar to Mark’s infantry and got pre-made bases!

2016-10-07-12-13-26 2016-10-07-12-13-29

Anyway, in the end they look pretty good.

I’m thinking that with the wealth of German infantry lists for EW; what’s the best one though? The Schutzenkompanie is my go to one…


So, here the plan is that the 2IC and mortars split into 2 platoons of 3 guns, giving a lot of smoke.  On attack, this smoke + the 38t’s make a solid assault element; and on defence there is plenty of AT too! Anyway, the AT guns will be up next, so stay tuned!

2016-10-07-12-13-32 2016-10-07-12-15-23 2016-10-07-12-15-27 2016-10-07-12-15-30

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  1. You should be proud, these guys look amazing. I personally love the way the bricks stand out but by doing so make the Germans more ‘dark and evil’ looking. What an amazing paintjob!

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