Confessions of a sinner – list building 

Hey all Coxer here, as I wander back to Flames of War. I put a article up recently about what I was planning, so I thought I’d look at the list (lists) I’m planning. Now I say lists, as I’m rubbish at doing a ‘list’, I like options and variations, and German lists are excellent for this – so onto the discussion.

Now I’m going to start with Barbarossa, as I love that book, and always wanted to do a list from the book since it came out, but at the time other projects took precedence. During the run up to the ETC last year I kept coming up against German armour, and every time I just wished I had that army! The Czech 38t was a great tank, and with cool captured equipment and lots of options, I knew that was the list I wanted!

So now I have the time I’ve started looking at the book more seriously, I started with the Czech panzerkompanie. Whilst I could go for the more points efficient 35t, I’ll go for the more cash efficient 38t(b) due to PSC’s excellent kit. They come in boxes of five, so I’ll go for two platoons of 4, plus an IC/2IC.
With those in place, the next platoon was also pretty easy to choose, firstly as I had the model lying around, and secondly, it’s a great EW behemoth – the T34! I had one left over from my Finns which I painted back in 2014. It forms its own unit, but with FA6 that’ll work!

Next up more captured units – the gorgeous sexy Panhard, now these are the antithesis of the mantra that ‘recce should recce’ with a good AT6 gun it has as much punch as the 38t!
The final ‘easy’ choice is the nbW40 mortar, whilst the neb is possibly more points efficient, I want these guys for smoke, so the extra range in is more important!


The final choice is tough – I look at the above list, and I have lots of AT but not great anti infantry – so I got drawn down to two choices, but the one I went with was a trio of Flammpanzer 2’s – now these guys are going to die – that is a fact. But the advantage is they make your opponent react as no one likes a flame to the face!
So that’s the army- hope to get it done over the next 2-3 months.

·           Confident

·           Veteran

Czech Panzerkompanie Czech Armoured Company POINTS



Platoon Qty Unit Points
Czech Panzerkompanie HQ   p.17
2 Panzer 38(t) B 175
Combat Platoons
Czech Panzer Platoon   p.17
4 Panzer 38(t) B 350
Czech Panzer Platoon   p.17
4 Panzer 38(t) B 350
Weapons Platoons
Looted Panzer Platoon (Heer)   p.36

Confident  Trained

1 Captured T-34 obr 1940 260
Light Panzer Platoon   p.17
Panzer II C (late)
Panzer I
Divisional Support
Light Panzerspäh Platoon (Heer)   p.26
3 Panhard 178 (f) 135
Smoke Launcher Platoon   p.39






Cmd SMG team

Observer Rifle team
Motorcycle & Sidecar
10.5cm NbW40 mortar
3-ton truck



Now I mentioned Lists… Alongside the armour I will be chatting about my other plans for lists, including a leichte panzerkompanie and a panzer schutzen list as well.
Till next time.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a sinner – list building 

  1. Good article Coxer! Im currently working on an SS infantry company from Barbarossa, I can’t call it a list as im planning on having several variations that I can field!

    1. No – your list had nebs… Think I played Czech 38t’s 6 times in the end, but very much cherry picked bits from various opponents

  2. Enjoyed the article. Didn’t understand the point about mortars rather than nebs as the nebs have a slightly longer range than the mortars.

    I am also building a Barbarossa German list. My starting point was to get things that do not feature in my DAK. Like you I started with 10 Pz38t but then I added 4 x Zvezda PzII which is a lovely model, 2 x 8 rads, nebs and assault pioneers in Zvezda early Hanomags. That was supposed to be it but I thought a looted T34 was a good addition and then I saw the PSC early war infantry. PSC have upped their game with infantry from their early offerings and these are excellent – backed up by the heavy weapons box, naturally. Who knows where this army will end? but I do have hordes of Soviets for them to face.

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