Cheeky In Cherbourg: Global Campaign AAR, Week 2

Alex brings us a new dispatch from the front as the Free French continue fighting their way through the Normandy Global Campaign.

Times were a bit tough for the 2eme Division Blindee as they continued combating the hated Boche in the first major city fought over by the Allies. In Cherbourg, the Germans would stiffen their resolve as compared to week one, and the Allied forces as a whole would have a hard time of it. This included yours truly.
So, without ado, let’s see how Division Leclerc fared in Week 2!

Battle 1: No Retreat, 100 pts

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This was one of two battles I fought on Thursday.  It was against my good friend TJ, a very seasoned player at our store and a fine opponent. He brought a panzer company to match my Division Leclerc tank company.

I advanced on my right, hammering his infantry with artillery and mortar fire as I maneuvered. TJ responded by unmasking a tank ambush on my flank and began to maneuver on my forces, hoping to squeeze them in a vice.
I moved my tanks into cover, trading fire with his forces on the way. However, the enemy got the better of my tanks and fixed me in place in an untenable position.

Though I did manage to wipeout his other tank platoon, attrition wore me down and we called it knowing there was no realistic way I was going to win with forces on hand.

Result: 8-1 Loss

Battle 2: No Retreat, 100 pts

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Hoping to redeem my loss, I played my friend Mike in another No Retreat setup. Mike has been playing since V3, and brought a German Aufklarungs Company to cross swords with my tanks.

He set up well, having his Paks in the center with infantry on both flanks. I blasted his Paks with artillery, though the dang things refused to die, even on last stand until late in the game.
I advanced my infantry along my left flank, while my tanks massed on my right.
We dueled at range for a while, until I realized I needed to get by the objective real quick, like.


I tried to lay smoke and go for broke on the charge, but my tanks fell to some mines (and very onery dice) to break my formation. Again.

Result: 8-1 Loss

Battle 3: No Retreat, 100 pts

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After heading home to lick my wounds, I came back to my FLGS for another pair of games the following day.
Wanting to snap my losing streak on No Retreat, I played one of the newer players in the group, Austin, for my 3rd battle.
Austin is a cool cat, and keen to learn the game, so I obliged him.

He brought a mixed panzer company, with Mk IVs, StuGs, and Tigers as well as Paks and 88s. However, his newness showed in his deployment, not having his PakFront mutually supporting and being spread out very thin.
Once again massing on my right, I shot my tanks against the lone 88 while hammering his infantry with artillery and feinting with my own infantry on the left.

Though he was able to tie up my infantry feint and took out a tank or two, I rickrolled him in 4 turns. Afterwards, I passed on my tactical assessments for his betterment, and also assisted him in building a solid Panzergrenadier list to build his collection around. Fun times and good company!
Oh, and bonus to those who can decipher the name of my batrep. No Google! But here is a hint: think Monty Python.

Result: 8-1 Win

Battle 4: Free For All, 100 pts

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My 4th game was a challenge from my friend Sladjan. Slaw, as we call him, is a great guy and very humorous to play with. We battle planned and rolled up Free For All.

Slaw likes his tanks, running a Panzerkompanie of MK IVs, Tigers, and Panzergrenadiers. Unfortunately, Slaw put his objectives very close together, easing my ability to defend them, and also left his right flank wide open.

So, I did what any sensible American tanker would and drove all 12 of my Shermans up his open flank, speed bumping his HQ and annihilating a platoon of MkIVs before wiping out the mortars he had parked on the objective. 4 turns and it was over!
But, to his credit, Slaw kept his humors and I look forward to playing him again.

Result: 8-1 Win

Battle 5: No Retreat (Cherbourg)

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The Final game of the week was against Mike again. And man, was this one BLOODY! Though I lost, the action was good and I made him pay for his win in casualties. A great way to end the week!

On To Week 3…….

Though I went 2-3 on the week, I still rank high in the US Commander and Overall brackets among commanders.
Hoping to win glory for the BtA crew and the United States!

Vive La France!

Alex’s Week 1 report can be found here – Lee