Changing Lists in the Digital Age

So this post has been inspired by a little thing I noticed when I was online the other day. If you go back to my list review of Berlin (digital) you’ll get this about Munchberg

‘We get two lists here, the first is a CV panzer list – with IR equipment! So we have all those nachtjager nightlight rules! And thrown into that is a far better list IMHO! Your core platoons are panthers or tigers – though the tigers have no skills and no IR. the other option in a combat platoon is 4 StuG late – with one upgradable to a hetzer, and another to a 4/70.’

Well I went to fiddle with this list the other day, and it had changed! you could now take StuH42’s and also Panzer 4/70’s in this slot. So following that I went to the forums, and there was loads of chatter about other options which could/should be in some of these lists (look at this thread for further reading)
But the thing that occurred to me is that right now you may have a list for a tournament lets say but who’s to say that the list which is correct? It’s not the only change, we’ve had the rules for Bedspring armour etc in Desperate measures, some of the support in some of the lists has changed rating as well, and lets no forget the new HG lists which are available on the digital app, but not on Forces yet – it’s all pretty fluid.
Now don’t get me wrong I like this use of digital technology, it avoids reprints and vast FAQ’s, but perhaps it could do with changes being better publicized, especially where it’s small changes which could go un-noticed or even bigger ones added at a later date. 
We are in a golden age where digital technology and miniature wargaming is opening up new possibilities, but it needs to be better disseminated to the player base as well. 
Any way rant over, let me know how you’re finding the new digital options and how they’re interfacing with your gaming. Till next time