Call Me Mr Pink! Vietnam Pink Team Helicopter Squad

Hello All

After doing a load of Great War Germans I decided to mix things up a bit and get back to my Vietnam US. Having spent many months looking at the Helicopters on my desk I decided to start with a Cobra and a Loach pink team (so called as it’s a mix of the White scout teams and the Red attack helicopter team), partly as they are in my first infantry army list and I wanted to do something small, but mainly as helicopters are cool!

The Loach was a great piece of kit, the plastic make it very quick to put together (especially compared to the other Helicopters in the range) and it looks very slick once done. I as always followed the guide on the Battlefront website but I do feel I put the back fin on at the wrong angle.

I had a lot of fun painting it and found the Vallejo Orange and Yellows surpisingly easy to use. The glass was done using Luftwaffe Grey adding in white, I messed around with a different style for me with the glass and on the Loach I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

For the second member of the pink team was the Cobra, I choice this over a Hog as the Hog’s weapons systems look a lot harder to put together… and also the shark mouth looks very cool!

I painted this the same way I painted the Loach but I thought it was missing something, I then saw the cockpit was painted black on some of the studio Cobras and that looked like is made a big difference. The problem was I wasn’t tidy enough and I had to repainted the glass, well after three or four attempts I couldn’t get it back to how it looked on the Loach and I decided I was just making it look worst and worst. So I stopped trying to improve it and left it as you see it know. I’m not 100% happy with it as I know it looked better before I added the black, but I’m happy with the overall effect.

Next up I have a couple of Patton tanks before I move on to the infantry and then more Helicopters!

Thanks for looking an until next time just remember Charile don’t surf!


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  1. Both of them look real good! Keep up the good works Sir! I agree with you on the tailfin on the Loach, mayhaps it is the difference between the Anzac and US version. More research is required I guess. The Hog's weapons are not that bad to work with but the ammo feed belts are a royal pain.

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Article by: Mark Goddard