Building an EW Polish Army – Armour Part 2 The Rest

As promised in my first post on my new EW army, here’s the rest of the armour.

The armoured cars…

I couldn’t be bothered to try and source some decals, so I had a go at painting the eagle.  Naturally some are better than others.

I wish I’d bought a second blister of Tankettes as some pretty good ideas for lists out there use two platoons.

And finally the 7TPs are a really nice tank to paint, except the commander is a bit awful.

Well, that’s me done painting for a while. It’ll probably be a good 3 weeks before I pick up a brush again as we’re making a start on packing the house up.

These babies are off to live in a display cabinet down at EnToyment to keep the train company.

When I do pick up a brush again it’ll be to continue working on Alex’s Great War commission, with the Stoss Troopers.

Take care folks


3 thoughts on “Building an EW Polish Army – Armour Part 2 The Rest

  1. Nice work! They look great, and once you get them done, I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed playing my EW Poles. Best game in a long time beating a EW Soviet tank list with these guys.

    1. I'd be grateful for any list building advice…atm i'm just buying and painting units with very little idea of what I'm aiming for and as they say if you aim at nothing you hit nothing.

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