British Airlanding for the Euro GT

Hi All Adam here and I have a difficult decision to make! 

Up until 24 hours ago I was going to take Westfalen to this, but as Ben, Winner and Army were all trying to persuade me to take these guys, and Alex criticized me for thinking of taking them I thought – with 4 recommendations I might as well go for it!

So let’s look at the construction of this list. The hq with the bagpiper is essential – needing an extra hit to be pinned is gold dust – when you assault (always through cover!) instead of statistically needing 15 shots to pin you, it’s now 18 – I like those odds! Also let’s take the extra PIAT’s – only way Brits get two.

So next is the two full combat platoons, with British bulldog and gammon bombs assaulting these guys is not always a safe option for the enemy.
Next is the HMG’s and mortars – whilst I could take more 6pdrs over the HMG’s I don’t have the Brit para models – and I like a nice looking army. Mortars are key with smoke to cover my advance.

Airlanding anti tank – 7 6pdrs in total – they can be used offensively (especially when combined with the direct mortar smoke) or lying in wait supporting the combat platoons – assault at your peril.

Airlanding engineers – some flame throwers here to help suppress enemy fortifications and tanks – or remove a team or two before assaulting.

Recce – I almost always dismount these guys, useful to lift GtG – but also a decent defensive unit to support the other platoons – oh and they can limit spearheads too.

Airlanding light battery – do you like staying still? Then weep – this unit will keep you moving and that by itself really helps give these guys the initiative. Or on offense it’s just nice to remove units defending objectives. 

That’s about 1750 – to bulk it out to 1780 I’ve added Roy Urquhart – mainly for the extra reroll – but when I do defend in missions like counter attack/breakthrough – his ability to double 16 and reroll attempts to dig in really helps when defending objectives. When assaulting it’s less useful as you can’t double at night.

I’ve only used this list a half dozen times this year – but I know them and they are effective. Let’s see how they do.

Wish me good luck


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  1. I don't know the wording but are you sure the bagpiper means you fall back from 6 hits in defensive fire instead of 5? I believe the defensive fire rules say you fall back from 5 hits, not that you fall back from being pinned.

    Who knows. I haven't faced it or used it. I may be missing something from the FAQs or something.

  2. Basically the wording is that the 2IC ignored hits in defensive fire to be pinned – so you always allocate a hit on him. (Assuming he's an assaulting team) so the opposition effectively needs 6 hits to pin you

  3. You can need more than 6 if two different platoons fire on the assaulting platoon each hit on the 2IC with Bagpipes doesn't count so that could be 7 hits!

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Article by: Mark Goddard