Bring Up The Guns, US Style!

Hello All

As you might be aware Corrivalry is around the corner; and with already 80 sign ups as I type and with players from Italy, Ireland and France this is going to be the biggest tournament of the year in the UK. If I’m honest myself and Adam tend to worry about lists for Corrivalry more than any other event on the calendar. With that in mind I have been madly writing lists, then emailing Adam and Co and chatting to WWPD Luke about every US infantry list around. So with a load of lists written I needed to add a lot of guns!

A quick dig through the bits box found four Towed M5 3″ Guns and an order to get four more Towed Guns and eight (yes that’s right eight!) 155mm artillery! And of course me being me I decided to paint them all in one go.

Building the 155mm Artillery wasn’t that much fun… anyone who complains about people running multiple 155mm Artillery needs to feel sorry for the poor guy who put them together (ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch!). Why are the stabilizers separate! Once I had taken my time and used a load of green stuff the guns are pretty solid.

The Towed M5 3″ were a lot easier to glue together. I do wish I had magnetized one of the sets of guns so I could swapped out the guns for 105mm artillery, but never mind.

So with all this painted I now have all the options for all my lists, now I just need to choose the list I’m going to use…. but which list?!?

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