Breakthrough Assault Tournament 2012 Write Up

Hello All

I have just got back from my running my first ever Flames of War tournament, The Breakthrough Assault Tournament at Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury. It may seem even more mad that I have yet to play in a Flames of War tournament, so I ran this one almost blind you could say!

So 20 brave gamers (and I mean brave there were flood warnings in the area over the weekend!) arrived Sunday morning for the tournament. The format was 1575pts with 3 games, the game choices were, Breakthrough, Fighting Withdrawal and Dust Up.

A big thanks to Tim Harris for providing the tournament software and 2 tables worth of terrain. Also a big thank you to Steve, Ian, Dave and the Reading group for 5 more tables worth of terrain.

The Results-

1st) Dave Payne – Herman Gering Infantry – Overall Winner
=2nd) Roddy Trimple – British Paras – Best Allied and Best Painted
=2nd) Mike Lock – Fallschirmjagers
=4th) Tim Harris – US Paras
=4th) Adam Cox – British Paras
=4th) Andy Scott – Panzer Lehr
=7th) Alex Hamitlon – Stelkovy Batalon
=7th) James Blagden – Reich’s Grenadiers
=7th) Ian – 101st Airbourne
=7th) David Green – Reich’s Grenadiers
11th) Darren Cox – Soviet Heavy Assault Gun Batalon
=12th) Toby – Grenadiers
=12th) Mike Parker – Indian Rifle Company
=14th) Nigel Emsen – Soviet Partisans
=14th) Steve Bowmen – 21st Panzer Grenadiers
=14th) Roger Comber – US Engineers
=17th) Dave Cooper – Fallschirmjagers
=17th) Davie Shaw – British Tank Squadron
19th) Matthew Finch – Volksgrenadiers
20th) Ross – Tankovy Batalon

Well done to all the winner and a big thank you to everyone who attended.

I was very happy with the event and it seemed everyone enjoyed themselves. One of the biggest parts I enjoyed was the lack of arguments, this is something I’m not used to at tournaments but that might be because of my the GW gaming background!

I have learnt a lot for the next tournament. For one a different scoring system would be a good idea as using the standard FOW scoring system means you get a lot of tired scores, I will be looking int this for the next one. Slightly longer rounds is a must as the 2 hour and 15 minute rounds weren’t quite long enough. I also want to run a two day event next time as more games is always better.

My plan for the next tournament is to do a themed event. I’m currently thinking basing it on September to December 1944 Western Front. So basically the Bugle Books and the new Market Garden books that are out in January.

Anyway thanks for reading and here is a a lot of photos from the tournament.


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Article by: Mark Goddard