Breakthrough Assault Early War One Dayer AAR

Hello all

On the 11th Janurary we held a one day tournament at Entoyment, 16 players come to what was for most of use the first tournament of the year.

The event was 1550pts, open with three games, this was the first time any of us had played a tournament with the new Barbarossa book and we were very interested to see what effect that would have on the “meta”.

I was trying out T-34’s in Early War for the first time, in fact I didn’t get a single practice game in… still something it’s best just to get thrown in the deep end.

Ben’s T-34 Tankovy list with 5 T-34’s, 2 companies of 8 T-60’s and a company of unarmed sappers.

The event was a load of fun and played in a great spirit, in the end Army Dave took it home despite losing to me in the final game, he had won the first two games 6-1 and I needed a 6-1 win the tournament, I could only manage a 4-3 which was still good enough for 2nd (but only just!). The battle for 3rd came down to Robin and the Silver Fox KP and on the second tie breaker Robin took it.

The Results

David Coombs – Strelkovy (Barbarossa)

2- Ben Davy – Tankovy (Barbarossa)

3- Robin Spence – Strelkovy (Barbarossa)

4- Kevin Perry – 3rd Sencha Rentai (Rising Sun)

5- Marc Attwell – Dismounted Polish Cavalry (Blitzkrieg)

6- Toby McLoud – French Foreign Legion (Burning Empires)

7- Laurence Donohoe – Escadron de Reconnaissance (Blitzkrieg)

8- Matt Pullen – German Infantry (Barbarossa)

9- Paul Frith – DAK Pioneers (Hellfire and Back) 

10- James McMeiken – Italian Infantry (Burning Empires)

11- Adam Cox – Finnish Infantry – (Rising Sun)

12- Mark Martin – Light Panzers (Blitzkrieg)

13- Justin Carnzu – British Infantry Tanks (Hellfire and Back)

14- Mike Parker – Divisional Cavalry (Blitzkrieg)

15- Dave Cooper – Light Panzers (Blitzkrieg)

16- Eddie Turner – Fallschirmjager (Burning Empires)

Very interesting that the top three were all playing Soviets from Barbarossa, maybe not the biggest sample size but still with the Australians GT being won by Strelkovy it might be signs of things?

Big thanks to everyone who came, I hope you all had fun. But also a big thank you to Pete the store owner for being a great host and providing the prizes, “Viking” Mike for taking all the photos and finally Steve for doing the most important job of all and making all the hot drinks.

Below is a big photo dump from the tournament.

Photo dump
Mike Parker’s British defend the most important objective, the cup of Tea!
KP show Pete how to play the game
How much infantry Army Dave!

We have a one day event coming up on April 25th which will be Late War themed around the fighting for the Rhine from Market Garden to Plunder and a two day event on the 28th Feb and 1st March which will be Early Late War. I hope to see you there.

Thanks Ben

3 thoughts on “Breakthrough Assault Early War One Dayer AAR

  1. Nice list and impressive results!
    But what did you do with the sappers? Just a cheap 4th platoon?
    I was wondering if a platoon Flamethrower wouldn't have been more effektiv.

  2. The Sappers were a but of a 4th platoon/can be effective in the right situation. They killed 2 Matildas in my second game. Held off a German infantry platoon in game one and didn't die in game 3 (that was important!).

    We do talk about it more in the next podcast (episode 24).


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