Breakthrough assault 2016 review

I think it is fair to say BA has gone through a lot of changes in 2016. Originally the blog was a trio of us gaming and drinking; now it’s an international hub of FoW related love.

We’ve lost long established blog members such as Ben and Winner, but brought on board a whole host of new writers and contributors.

I wanted though to take a few minutes to look back over some of the highlights of the Blog over the last 12 months.

January saw us continue to look at the, then new, Team Yankee releases, particularly the US. Whilst we also chatted a lot about lists for the UK’s biggest event Corrivalry

February saw us go all Pacific as we looked at the PTO books.

March was the start of our LW Japanese articles as well as discussion about various MW lists (soon to be obsolete I wonder?)

April was a month with many rambling articles by a variety of authors – it also had our unboxing of Tanks!

May was a quiet month but it did start the chatter about the GT and also some great Zvezda reviews

June was all about Leopard, reviews and unboxing everywhere

July was when ‘confessions‘ got into full swing, and Ben left the blog

August – its ETC time again and also saw our Ardennes and Bulge reviews

September saw Iron Maiden drop and a flurry of articles too

October continued the Iron Maiden love, but also saw me discussing lists for our Westwall tournament

November saw a second wave of new writers join, and a review of the UKGT

And that brings us to now and December. It’s been a tempestuous year for the blog, but with V4 due to come you can bet we want to bring you more (and better) content!