Breakthrough Assault 2 AAR and Photo Dump

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This weekend was the second Breakthrough Assault tournament, but the first to be held in Dorset, UK. 28 gamers mostly from the area but some from all over the UK (the Cairns brothers came from Aberdeen the mad men!) come for the two day four game Late War event.

The nicest thing about the event was see a lot of new faces to the tournament scene as well as some of the better players in the country making their way down to sunny Bournemouth. A big surprise to everyone who come was the number of tank armies, of the 28 lists 16 were tanks and only 6 were infantry.

Final Standings
  1. Steve Charlton – 65pts
  2. Graham Willmott – 64pts
  3. Kevin Perry – 59pts – 3rd on count back
  4. Matt McVeigh – 59pts
  5. Justin Carnz – 56pts
  6. Dave Cooper – 54pts (that’s right our own Winner Dave finished 6th!)
  7. Mike Klaka – 50pts
  8. Paul Frith – 49pts
  9. Laurence Donohue – 46pts
  10. Adam Cox – 46pts
  11. Harry Williams – 44pts
  12. Trevor Horobin – 44pts
  13. Toby Mcload – 40pts
  14. Mike Parker – 39pts
  15. Nigel Emsem – 39pts
  16. Robin Spence – 37pts
  17. Paul Webber – 35pts
  18. Dave Coombes – 34pts
  19. Ed Turner – 31pts
  20. Anthony Murch – 30pts
  21. Grant Bailey – 29pts – Best Painted Army
  22. Martin Cairns – 27pts
  23. Marc Attwell – 23pts
  24. James McMeiken – 23pts
  25. Matt Pullen – 22pts
  26. Ben Cairns – 21pts

Well done to Steve, Graham and KP for placing and to everyone else for making a great atmosphere. A special well done to Winner Dave and Justin for surprising themselves and finishing so high in the rankings.

Overall bar a few problems with the venue the event went very well, and I have already got plans for next year. All the guys seemed to enjoy the weekend (and the night out on Saturday but for legal  reasons I can’t talk about that!?!) and hopefully we’ll see them all back next year along with a few others.

I’ll leave you with a some photos from the weekend.

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Action Pictures

Winner Dave’s Flamethrower roll!
Ed Turners “smoke on the water”…. 

The Prizes
Ben Cairns getting his wooden spoon.
Grant Bailey – Best Painted Army
The Silver Fox Kevin Perry – 3rd Place
Graham Willmott – 2nd Place
And of course Steve Charlton – 1st Place

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Article by: Mark Goddard