Blitz’s Battlegroup Finally Finished!

Hello All

It seems like almost a life time ago I started Blitz’s Battlegroup, in all fairness I finished all but one infantry platoon in a short period of but that last platoon just sat on my painting table getting passed over for tournament projects, FoW Vietnam and more recently the Tale of Four Gamers Nachtjager Challenge (don’t judge me you have all done it too!).

We it seemed like I got my figure out and finish the damn army so here it is all done.

Now the army is finally done I can get on and play some games, Winner finished his army off a while ago so we now just need to find time to get a game in.

This was the platoon that took so long!

I still have plans to add to the army, I have a Stross platoon to paint up which I will aim to do once my Japanese and WW2 British are up to scratch. Then with the talk of a Great War book in the Summer I’m sure there will be some nice new toys to paint up,

Well thanks for reading and watch out for some AAR’s soon (hopefully…)

On a side note this is the 500th post on Breakthrough Assault, 500th! I never thought we’d get this far back when I started the blog in January 2012. The blog has got a lot bigger with 9 of us now posting, a podcast and having the chance to review products before they are released. Anyway here is to 500 more.


4 thoughts on “Blitz’s Battlegroup Finally Finished!

    1. Thanks Cameron and yes I need to get a Stross platoon, artillery and a AT gun platoon at some point. But that'll be after my Japanese, British and a couple of US things I want to paint up.


  1. Most impressive group, you've done an excellent work, love the terrain as well…and congrats on the 500 posts!

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