Blitz and Peaces – Dice Pouch Review

Blitz and Peaces Dice Pouch Review

As a regular tournament player I have always been surprised at what organised players we tend to be.  FOW is not light on its accessories.  Dice, tokens, objectives markers, flames markers, rules, tape measures, lists, smoke marker and that’s even before you add in fancy stuff like laser range finders and set square measurers.  For a long time, players made life a lot easier for themselves with the use of the BF Dice Tins.  These gave you tokens, dice and objectives.  Add some rules and a bombardment template and you are almost ready to go.  Unfortunately, these tins are now out of production and are starting to go for silly money online.

So what is a new player to do when starting out?  Well Blitz and Peaces think that they have the answer with their own take on the dice tins of old, so let’s take a look.



1 x laser pointer (does a line to give LOS) including batteries

2 x BF Obj Markers

33 x BF Tokens (you get 5 rather than the standard 4 of the common types)

9 x deployment markers

12 x dice.

Basically what you get in a BF tin but with a few less dice but additional tokens and a laser.  You may have noticed that the objectives and tokens are BF.  Blitz and Pieces have made a deal with BF and they actually supply these to them direct from the factory, very authentic!

All of this fits into a pouch which zips up to keeps everything secure, offering more room than the tins of old.



All the contents are of a high quality, as discussed above the tokens and objective markers are BF so no surprise there.  The deployment markers are a solid plastic rather than card so with a bit of care will last for all your gaming career.  In a quick completely unscientific and mathematic test the dice seem to roll fairly well!  I should point out they match the standard format as having the icon on the 6 rather than the 1.

The pouch is a soft plastic like finish over a harder core (Think along the lines of small camera holder) and opens up to have compartments for all the items.  The stitching inside seems sturdy meaning I expect this stuff to last.


One thing which I love is the laser pointer.  It literally eliminates discussions of whether something is in LOS or not as it shines a straight red line. Very handy as well when you need to move to hit that platoon commander or avoid that Jumbo.


As all the items come in their own plastic sealed bags I think it’s important to check how well everything fits in when you pack up after a game.  As you can see below even when things are quickly chucked back into the case it all fits in and closes up nicely.


There is a bit of spare space, and I managed to fit in some extra Team Yankee objectives and some homemade DF smoke markers with no issues.

Value for money.

I first came across these pouches on a flames of war Facebook sales page which had a link to Blitz and Pieces.  Currently the pouches sell at 65 SGD which is about £37.  Postage is also £10 to the UK.

This is quite a lot of money, however there is a way to bring the price down by getting free shipping.  Blitz and Pieces also have a really well stocked line in FOW and Team Yankee (Being 70km from the BF factory may help).  If you spend 90SGD (£50) then you get free shipping.  So for an extra £3 you can basically £10 worth of free models, which seems a no brainer to me!

I think when you look at it that way it’s certainly reasonable value for money. When you break it down, BF charge £7.50 for the objectives and a set of their tokens is £8 plus postage.  So you are only paying £21.50 for a nice carry case, laser, dice and deployment markers.

Postage took about a week from Singapore to the wilds of Northumberland and I was pleased to see was fully trackable (Always nice when you order from a long way away!).


I really like these pouches and would recommend them to new players and vets wanting to get a new set of accessories for their expanding armies.  The price is rather steep with postage if you are buying just the pouch due to postage, however combine your purchase with £13 worth of models or other accessories and the free shipping suddenly makes this quite attractive.

At the moment you can get pouches for

  • German Heer
  • Japanese
  • United States
  • Waffen SS

They have plans to add some new FOW armies soon as well as Warsaw and NATO for Team Yankee.

Check them out here.