Blackhorse Cavalry Platoon

Hello All,
So I have finished my first platoon for my Vietnam project. I was really looking forward to painting these, the Sheridans just look awesome and the M113 box set is my first go at a Battlefront plastic box set.

The Sheridans were a lot of fun to paint with all the baggage on the back of the tanks, although the building the hatches with the .50cals was less fun….

The M113’s were a lot easier to put together (which being plastic makes sense!). I must say the kit is great, it goes together really easily and the amount of options in there is amazing. I may have to pick up a few more sets to round out all the other options from the book.

Overall I’m very happy with how those turned out and I can’t wait to get them on the gaming table zooming around blasting NVA with their Beehive ammo.

Next up for Vietnam will be some Infantry then the fun of the Helicopters, but first I might have to finally get around to doing the last few Soviets I need for Corrivalry.

Thanks for looking and until next time

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Article by: Mark Goddard