Beyond The Foxholes Episode 47

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Beyond The Foxholes. In this episode we join Adam, Ben and Army Dave as they chat about Flames of War.

In act one Ben and Army Dave start off before Adam joins them slightly late. They go over 1420pts lists for Corrivalry before the normal AAR.

In act two the guys chat about the recent AIW tournament that Ben ran.

In act three the guys round out the show by talking about an Early War tournament, also run by Ben. A small chat about the Early War “meta” before rounding out the show with some up coming Flames of War tournaments in 2016.

You can download the episode here.

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One thought on “Beyond The Foxholes Episode 47

  1. Hi guys just listened to the podcast, looking forward to another AIW tournament this year.

    Agree that 1500 points is a good level.

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