Beyond The Foxholes 50th Episode Special!

Hello and welcome to the 50th Episode of Beyond The Foxholes . In this episode we join Adam, Ben and Fez, plus a host of guests, as they chat about all things Flames of War and celebrate Beyond the Foxholes 50th Episode.

In Act One a slightly drunk Ben and Fez are joined by a very sober Adam as they travel up to Corrivalry. The guys chat about what they have been up to, their lists for the event and a few random bits.

In Act Two Ben is first joined by Chris from the Battlefield Conditions Kickstarter, then Ben and Adam chat to Andy Brown from the Fire For Effect podcast. Before finally Ben is joined by Mick, Tom and Anders from the Reluctant Conscripts as they chat about running this years UK GT.

In Act Three Ben, Adam and Fez round out the episode with a full break down of corrivalry and a few thoughts about 1420pts.

You can download the episode here

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