Beyond The Foxholes Podcast – Episode 3

Hello All

Welcome to Episode 3 of Beyond The Foxholes. In this episode we talk about:-

In Part 1
Adam, Ben and Winner Dave talk about what they have been up to, Battlefront News, the rumoured new books and Tournament Restrictions.

In Part 2
The guys start start their new section 10.1 and completely dissect Artillery. Then they look a head to what they are doing in the next month or so.

Link for Beyond The Foxhloes Ep 3

As Promised A link To The Model Dad’s Fate of the Nation Video Preview

As always we’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the episode


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  1. Just wanted to mention that you missed out the Stuka Zu Fuss special rule for the Germans. Also you guys mentioned FP1+ being essential for infantry killing, what do you guys reckon of the Atlantik Wall 30cm super nebs?

    1. We did miss the Stuka Zu Fuss, probably because I don't think we have never seen one in action.

      I'm going to be give the 30cm Nebs ago in an planned Caen campaign we're looking at doing in the New Year. I think they have promise for their points cost.


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