Beyond The Foxholes Episode 54 – The End For Ben

Hello All

Welcome to episode 54 of Beyond The Foxholes.

On this episode Ben and Adam talk about what they have been up to, then Ben announces his retirement from miniatures wargaming. The guys talk about the last 4 years of the blog and podcast before Adam chats about the future of the blog and podcast.

Thanks for the past 4 years guys, it’s been great – Ben

You can download the episode here

4 thoughts on “Beyond The Foxholes Episode 54 – The End For Ben

  1. Such a shame Ben is leaving to do other stuff. You really were an asset to flames of war. Wished you’d stay on even just to play at the odd event once a year. Your charisma and energy will be missed. Thank you from me and I’m sure so many others for you hard work over the years. Thanks Ben, Steve charlton

  2. Thanks for kick starting the eyes and ears series of tactical podcasts Ben. I really enjoyed listening to everyone of them.

    Wishing you all the best in future endeavors.

  3. Good luck with the future Ben, Winner and Adam. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your posts and listening to your podcasts over the last year or so. Thanks for sharing your adventures in wargaming over the last few years and all the best.

  4. Thanks for all of your hard work. I have really enjoyed the podcast and the blog. I wish you, Ben, all the best for the future. I do hope, however, that beyond the foxholes continues. There are lots of talented people on board.

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