Beyond The Foxholes Episode 39 – On The Road to Art of War Too

Hi all

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 39, on todays episode we join Ben, Adam and Fez over the Art of War Weekend.

In Act one the guys talk about their armies and expectations for the weekend.

In Act two we have an interview with Dave the owner of Skytrex, Tim and Steve who run Art of War and Finally Nobby who runs the excellent Conflict, Corrivalry and Adolf Don’t Surf tournaments.

In Act three the guys round out the show with a full AAR of the event. 

You can download the episode here.

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  1. Thanks guys, great podcast and not at all 'snarly', just a few legitimate gripes! I particularly enjoyed the interview with Dave at Skytrex, intriguing to hear of the modern releases…

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