Beyond The Foxholes Episode 38

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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 38, we join Ben, Adam and Winner Dave as they chat all things FOW
In act one the guys talk some news for the blog and UK tournament scene. Then their normal AAR, before a little Team Yankee chatter (the important stuff like if they should paint them in winter camo or not!).

In act two the guys go over a recent Mid War tournament.

In act three we close the episode by looking at the new Soviet PDF giving more tanks Bed Spring Armour and it’s effect on the “meta”, the Berlin digital lists and the up coming Art of War Too Late War tournament.

You can download the episode here.

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3 thoughts on “Beyond The Foxholes Episode 38

  1. Great podcast guys, and, as always, thanks for the interesting snippets about Team Yankee!
    (Please, please don't paint your Sovs for winter – 'Every fool know the Red Tide don't roll in til August when the harvest be in'….)

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