Beyond The Foxholes Episode 34

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Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Epsiode 34, we join Adam and Ben as they chat all things FOW
In act one the guys talk about the new Premium Podcast Beyond The Foxholes: Eyes and Ears thats coming out on the 16th July, before the guys go over what they have been up to.

In act two Ben and Adam break down into full detail the ETC lists for all the home nations and their thoughts of the lists, but before that Ben has a little surprise for Adam.

In act three Winner Dave’s mail bags are opened and the episode is rounded out with a look at some up coming events.

You can download the episode here.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond The Foxholes Episode 34

  1. Great podcast! Is there somewhere I could look at all the etc lists? Captured Italian tanks sounds intriguing.

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