Beyond The Foxholes Episode 24

Hi all

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes episode 24. 
We join Ben, Adam and Fez as they chat all things Flames of War, in act one the guys go over what they have been up too, some Flames of War news about up coming books, BA’s German infantry lists result and finally an AAR of the last Early War one day tournament.

In act two the guys look at the latest book Nachtjager in detail (you can check out the review of the books here for the British and for the Germans).

And finally in act three the guys answer your questions in Winner Dave’s Mailbag (without Winner) before ending the episode with Corrivalry chatter and then it turns into endless banter.
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2 thoughts on “Beyond The Foxholes Episode 24

  1. Act 2 correction. The audience is now DEAF, not dead, from you all saying Uhu. I had to tear out my headphones but it was too late!
    Btw thanks for the slating at the start too guys!

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