Beyond the Foxholes 29

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Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 29, in this episode we join Adam, Winner Dave and Ben as they chat about FOW. 
In act one the guys cover their normal AAR, have some news about the future of Beyond the Foxholes and then cover the recent Late Late War tournament they went to.

In act two Ben interviews Chris Townley from BF HQ in New Zealand, they cover Berlin, Cold War Gone Hot and the Pacific. After the interview the guys chat about the highlights of the interview.

In act three we empty Winner Dave’s mail bag before looking about ideas of how to change up some of the missions to make them better.
You can download the cast here.
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7 thoughts on “Beyond the Foxholes 29

  1. Just wanted to say a big thanks for running the tournament. It was a pleasure to meet you gentlemen and a special thanks to Maz, Papa Bear and Toby for 3 fantastic games! Had a really great day, haven't had as much fun at a tournament since my first 40k tournament I went to years ago.

  2. Great episode guys.

    Adam, isn't the "crush noobs so they learn" (exaggerated paraphrasing of course) the whole point of the article? You are assuming they also are a competitive gamer. The point of the article (IMO) was raising awareness about the impact that different expectations and play styles can have on both player's enjoyment of a game. Just my 2 cents.

    I think it is an important discussion that needs to happen within the gaming community.

    Full disclosure, I'd probably categorize myself as a narrative gamer at heart but I've turned into a bit of a competitive gamer with my local gaming group and playing in more tournaments.

  3. I think that e're all competative at our cores, we all turn up to play to win, how much we push the envelope with tactics rules etc varies, but I still think you can play to win and have your opponent learn more and more

  4. On mid war, I have the same thoughts on lists being the same old thing which is what the DAK! DAK! Go! tornie should address. No Panthers, No Tigers, just Grants, Crusaders, PzIII and IV duking it out in the desert.

    Now I just need a venue to run it in…

    1. I do think MW needs to be themed and your event sounds right up my street. You never see Grants or Crusaders and Pz III's and IV's are rarer than they should be.

    2. Kingforce is the one complicating factor. Last thing I want to see a whole tourney full of those!

      If you guys do start playing with mission tweaks in the pod cast then let us Brighton guys know and we'll help with playtesting.

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