Berlin Digital – German List Review

Hi all coxer here, I thought having done my in depth review of the Volksgrenadier lists from Berlin digital I would take a glance over the other German lists to help those of you who want something extra for your games.

502 and 503 SS Schwere panzerkompanie

So these two lists have one thing in common – the need to spend close to 1200 points on your minimum compulsory purchases. Now that does not leave you with much for anything else – but there is something completely overpowers by the idea of FV king tigers (unless there is a pesky AoP around).

The problem will be making a list which can attack infantry – you’ll need to recon and AA cover, and both lists have these (with 502 having the puma pak40!) but there is not enough left in a typical pointed game to get the things you need to dig out hoards of infantry (or even just some vets)

Marine grenadier
The broth unit to the list from nachtjager – and I think I like it a little more! It’s basic FT structure is the same (with auto defend and no enjoy the war) but you get some great character with captured Russian equipment (infantry guns and arty) but I think the big benefit is the better mobile options, with StuG’s, StuH’s and panzer 4/70 – and no railway guns. All in all not a bad list.

SS nordland

Now this is a chunky release, with FT and FV panzer grenadiers, and FV panzer pioneers, aufklarungs and panzer lists.

The main special rule for these guys is ‘to the bitter end’ this gives certain the opportunity to automatically pass a failed motivation check to counter attack – but any further failed motivation tests to counter assault in that combat lead to the platoon being entirely destroyed!

The options in all the lists are what you would expect – but again as FV with Fausts and MG’s (though can be assault rifles) it’s very expensive choices. The tank support for the infantry though has some good reluctant choices to help save a few points too.

Another unusual choice are some older options in recce and mobile AA with 250’s for example reappearing. All in all these are fairly standard set ups, but with FV and Fausts, a relatively new appearance in LLW.

Panzergreadier division kurmark

So we get three lists with these guys, first up is a fusilier list, this is CT and pretty similar set up to the Volksgrenadier lists on first look. The nice additions are two equal armour slots, though less variety than the Volksgrenadier. Also there is some mobile recon and some gepanzerte support too – trained German infantry is not normally my cup of tea, but this has some appeal.

Next up is their panzergreadier list. This is motorised infantry, so more MG Faust with truck options, again CT, this list just doesn’t quite click for me – it’s similar to the above, but smaller platoons and a couple of other options just leave me cold

Finally is the panzer list – this is CV. It has panthers as its core troops, with access to smoke, AA, recce – but to me lacks a way to really get to grips with infantry or AA lists.

Panzerdivision munchberg

We get two lists here, the first is a CV panzer list – with IR equipment! So we have all those nachtjager nightlight rules! And thrown into that is a far better list IMHO! Your core platoons are panthers or tigers – though the tigers have no skills and no IR. the other option in a combat platoon is 4 StuG late – with one upgradable to a hetzer, and another to a 4/70.

You can get recce and smoke (unlike old nachtjager) as well as cheap and expensive AA and some Gepanzerte panzergreadiers. I really think that this may be the pick of the lists, and at the end you’ll see the list I think wins from this.

The other option is their panzergreadier list. Again motorised, but with IR panther support it can choose to AA – I think a new option for a German infantry list.

So there you have it – Berlin digital distilled – hope it’s helpful.

Till next time