Battlefront & Breakthrough Assault – 2019 Events

Since the UK Open Day, Breakthrough Assault has been considering running some UK events in 2019.  We spend a lot of time writing material we hope the Flames of War and Team Yankee community enjoy and decided it was time to start supporting the community in other ways.  

Discussing our ideas with the Battlefront UK Office, they were immediately keen to partner up, in order to deliver some varied, player focused events across the country in 2019.  

What to expect

Going into this we are determined to offer events that can appeal to all levels and types of players whether you’re just starting out with your first Flames Of War army, or have amassed a collection of many years of generalship. We want to challenge the experienced players while at the same time rewarding players at all stages in their wargaming hobby for play technique, painting and sportsmanship.

We also want to keep these events the best value for money as possible.  With Battlefront support for scenery, awards and trophies this means we wont need to charge as must for the entry fee, making attending one of our events a lot easier (especially when you have to justify it to Home Command!).

The Plan

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. 

Benjamin Franklin

While we are still firming up details for our first events, we thought we’d share with you the first events for early 2019 currently being worked on:

  • Eddie ‘Fez’ Turner will be running a Mid War 1 day in Mid Jan 19 in Guilford. This will be a Red vs Blue event separating Eastern Front and Africa games. Players will be able to bring both a Eastern Front and Desert army if they wish to have a go at games in each theatre.
  • Ben will then be running an campaign event in Mar/April at Entoyment in Poole.  This will be a Stalingrad themed event using forces from Iron Cross, Enemy at the Gates as well as appropriate forces from the Kursk books (due Dec 18).  The campaign will involve some great city fight tables, and tell a narrative over a the 2 days as both sides struggle to retake the city.
  • In the second half of the year Mark G will be running a late war event following on from the release of the updated LW V4 book on 6 Jun 18.  Details will follow when we know more about what this will look like and whether the Normandy books arrive at the same time.  This event will be held somewhere more central in the UK.
  • Our team members north to the Border, Mark Nisbet & Richard Hardy will ensure out Scottish friends aren’t forgotten and will continue delivering their great mix of Flames of War and Team Yankee events.  Some of these and the Scottish Nationals will be fully supported by the Breakthrough Assault/Battlefront event partnership. 
  • While we will really be in full swing for 2019 Duncan is planning to squeeze a single day MW event into late Oct 2018 at Crawley standby for further details. 


We see new players on Facebook in the many groups, and the number of followers on our page and Battlefront’s own steadily grow, we hope to encourage you all to meet up and play.  We aren’t looking for massive numbers, to us: it doesn’t matter matter if we have 8 or 80, events aren’t about the kudos of being the largest, they are about people getting some games in against other players and having a great time doing it, on some cool tables with some lovely armies.  

More details will be coming out over the next couple of months.  We hope you can join us.

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  1. Hi all, great initiative! Any chance we can get the Dutch fow gamers involved with an event, perhaps an invitation for UK gamers to come over to NL some time. Would love to arrange something with you.

    1. Hi Justin

      We would love to welcome European players over to any of our events. Equally we would be happy to help advertise your eve t for you.

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