Battlefield in a Box:- Vineyards Review

Hello All,

I picked up one of the Battlefield in a Box Vineyard sets for a future Crete Campaign I have planned (more on that later), so I thought I would do a quick review of it.

I’m a big fan of almost all of the Battlefield in a Box range and this keeps up the high standard. If you have got any of the other pieces then nothing here will surprise you. It’s very durable, the bases looks like it’s made from the same stuff as the roads and rivers, it’ll bend but won’t brake.

I wasn’t massive happy with the colour choice for the vines themselves (that bright green is a bit too bright for me), but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed from a little ink wash or dry brush.

The bases have had a basic dry brush over them, but once the vines are on and the static grass you won’t see much of it.

It looks like I had the same problem as the guys from AV’s Corner, the second field didn’t have a painted on
structure. A slight pain but not a big problem.

Overall I’d give the set 8/10, it’s not the best set they have done but it’s still pretty good value for money and most of the problems can be sorted out with a little effort on my part.

Thanks for reading Ben

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Article by: Mark Goddard