Battlefield in a Box:- Italian Monastery Review

Hello all,

Today’s I picked up the Battlefield in a Box:- Italian Monastery, so I thought I would do a quick review of it.

First off I’m surprised by the size of it, at 7″ long and 5″ wide it covers a fairly big area, also the tower is massive! 

It’s all you would expect from the Battlefield in a Box range, it’s tough, well detailed and a good price. It also can hold a good amount of bases, 4 medium bases will fit confidently at a push 6 or 7 could be placed in the main footprint.

sorry for the unpainted models.

Now a few negatives, firstly there were a very chips and places were the paint rubbed off. In the above picture you can probably see wear the paint come off the roof. Also on the exposed brick on the top of the walls is very under detailed compared to the rest of the model. (See the picture below)

But overal I think it’s a great bit of kit, 9/10 nothing wrong with it a quick dry brush won’t sort out.

Also picked up my 7 Zrínyi II with I’ll start next week

But bigger than that I got the new 3rd edition softback book!

Man it’s soooooooo much bigger than the old one!

Anyway I’m off to read my book so have a good night!


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  1. I do love the look of the Desert forts and I would pick one up but my Desert plans are one of a big long list of things I want to do! Somewere behind my Hungarians, Irish Guards, 11th Armoured, British Infantry, a 40k Army (yes I know but most of my friends play it and I'll be doing a stupidly extreme army!), a German Infantry army that I can use to be Panzer Lehr, 78th sturm, Sperrverband and normal Grenadiers, etc……

    Man thats a long list and I forgot Blood Bowl and Warmachine plans!

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