Battlefield Conditions: A Flames of War Gaming Aid – Kickstarter

Hello All

Today we have something a little different. A few days ago a new kickstarter went live for FOW gaming dice with a difference. Called Battlefield Conditions and launcher by Mark Shaw; the dice are used instead of tokens for your FOW armies. The set comprises of twenty 12mm, D6 split into three dice types, one for mainly for infantry, one for tanks and a pinned dice:

Infantry Dice (x6):

  • Dug In
  • Gone To Ground
  • Dug In + Gone To Ground
  • Reorganising
  • At The Double
  • Non-Assaulting Team

Tank Dice (x8):

  • Bailed Out
  • Bogged Down
  • Non-Assaulting
  • Team At The Double
  • Reorganising
  • Ranged In

Pinned Dice (x6): This a a D6 with a icon on the number one and numbered two to six on the other sides. When pinned you display the pinned icon next to the platoon and at the start of your turn roll that same dice to unpin.

There will be four different colours for each of the four main nations.


One full set will cost £12, two sets will cost £22, three sets is £32 and finally 4 sets is £40. Postage is also free to the UK and very cheap to the rest of the world. I have already pledged for the four sets.


I like the idea of the product and thought the Dug In and Gone to Ground side a brilliant idea. I did give the feed back that I thought the pin icon should be on the six and not the one. I liked this for a couple of reasons, I currently use dice to count the number of hits a unit has taken (normally on an upside down pinned token), having the pin logo on the one could confusing and a missed chance for people to do this.

The main reason though is pretty much all other dice companies put the logo on the six and I worry it will get confusing with it on the one. I know one local guy has the old Battlefront dice with the logo on the one and it drives me mad! But most importantly I want it to be on the six as when I roll the dice I want to be rewarded for seeing the cool logo.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a deal breaker, as I said above I have pledged for four sets, but I think it’s something that is worth pointing out.


One other thing I’d like to see if this is successful and gets past the first stretch goal is maybe a few more colour options. White, red with white icons and orange would be colours I’d like to see.


The kickstarter runs until the 11th March and the first stretch goal is a polyurethane case to keep the dice in.


Overall I like the idea and I will get a few sets myself. I don’t think I will get rid of my existing tokens but I will definitely be using these dice in action. Please take a look and if you pledge let them know where you saw it. If you are at Corrivalry this weekend, Mark will have a few sets there for people to try out, so keep an eye out.

Thanks Ben