Avanti! – The Road To Devizes Attack 2018

Hello All

Fez and I were both looking to attend the annual Devizes Attack FOW tournament, this year 1650pts Early War which I’m guessing is because the ETC is EW and 1650pts.

As you will probably know from my “Returning to the Game” Series, I have been working on a Mid War British force; the idea had been to add more models to turn this into an Early War army as well. But really most of the models, bar the infantry, wouldn’t cross over and this left me thinking “would it just be easier to collect a new army?”

Yes was the clear answer!

This brought me back to a part of the reason I wanted to get back into FOW, which was the plastic M14/41 and I liked the idea of collecting an Axis desert army so this seemed clearly obvious to get some Italian tanks. But I went for British as most of the local players had Axis, and Italians at that!

Now if you want a quick and cheap EW army, this is for you! I picked up two of Lorenzo’s Rams Box Set (ITAB02) which gave me 16 M14/41 to stand in as the very similar M13/40s and eight artillery pieces.  You’ll have to use the later as 75/27 artillery, but I have never met someone who would have an issue with this.

This force comes to 1360pts and, looking at the options, I noticed there was a 4th tank platoon spot so I added a box of M14/41 Tanks/Semovente Assault Guns (IBX14) for four more tanks.  With a few AA MGs and the reduction for redundant teams, this came in right at 1650pts. A whole army for £126 and a good core to work on for an MW army at some point soon.

1650 after redundant team rebate

I will admit I’m worried about the lack of high end AT; I might need to get some coastal guns at some point – if I can find them.  Fez has already talked about playing a Matilda army, I’m trying to get him to play Japanese Cavalry, but against light tanks and Infantry lists, I think this list should be good.

To paint these I followed the colour guide in the back of the book but with my normal black lining additions instead of the washes. I will say the tank spray and the War Paint colour that’s meant to match didn’t seem to IMO. Either way, I’m happy with the results and I also think I got the basing for these spot on compared to my British, not that I’m rebasing them though.

Thanks for reading and as always it’s been emotional.


3 thoughts on “Avanti! – The Road To Devizes Attack 2018

  1. hey. think you still have too many points with the redundant teams i think. dont you get 10 points off for the staff and 10 points for the rifle cmd team? so you would be at 1630

  2. No with Italians in EW you only get 5 points per team due to them being different morale and skill levels. They fall into the other category. Yeah I hate it to. But, them is the rules. And you have to roll each game when you place the platoon onto the table. Just don’t roll a 5. FC suck! Fearless is good, the conscript makes them all moving targets! One of the best things about Mid War is that problem goes away and is replaced nicely with new rules!

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