Assault on the Westwall – German lists (ready)

Today, Coxer continues on from his discussion on the Commonwealth lists he is considering for his tournament by looking at the Axis ones.

I’ve agreed to run a tournament at our local FLGS in December – I’ve gone with an idea that myself and Ben have been chucking around for ages, the Assault on the Westwall, a tournament where all lists have to come from with the Market Garden or Bulge (as it’s now out) compilations. I love this idea as a theme; you’ve got a good mix of US and British (including Canadian/Polish) lists, and a wide variety of German lists as well to choose from. I also think it helps the poor German players as, when in a red vs blue set up, they don’t need to plan for Russian hoards and elite tank lists.

So I’m going to do a couple of article highlighting some lists I might take to the event – now for those of you who’ve followed the blog for years you’ll know I have no US armies, so it’s going to be commonwealth and German lists only! The other thing is that I’ve told a couple of local players, who don’t have appropriate armies, that they could borrow one of mine.  So I’m also having to use armies which don’t use models I don’t have, and once they’re gone – they’re gone!

Onto ‘Ze Germans’

SS-Kampfgruppe Arnheim


Now there is no denying this is an odd list but it’s got bits I really want to try – firstly Tigers (yes! I’ve never used them, and have them built, now just to paint them!) also the flame tanks from EW which I did!

Now the list does not have recce, if you take flampanzers, like the Berlin list – but you’re opponent has to deal with the flame, or die horribly. So it’s a bit like recce – honest guv!

Otherwise you have pioneers, mobile infantry, Pak 40’s, Arty, smoke AA – really a bit of everything! There is no complex plan, here, just an ability to adapt to almost every situation, you have to attack, you use mobile infantry, flame tanks and tigers, you have to defend, you have arty, pioneers and Tigers! Only list I’d need to do work on to use; but a bit of fun!


fuhNow I think this is probably the best list I can find in this whole book! What’s not to like; firstly you have the Hitler’s Guards rule – re-roll to company and platoon morale tests – you never want to use it, but it’s useful when you do!

The HQ and combat platoons are tasty – Panzer IV/70 and Panzer IV – decent AT and a pain in attack or defense – they’re also backed up by whirblwinds for AA (still love these models!) You also get some Trained StuH42’s to deal with infantry (they will die, as my experiences of the platoon in my RV volksgrenadiers showed me) and it’s topped off with cheap 8 rads and some nebs – all in all the most complete list for how I like to play in the game.



Ok a list I’ve wanted to try for a while, it’s fast, its spearheads, and I can use the Wespes I’ve never used before!

On the attack, this list is all about being in your enemy’s face and overwhelming them ASAP. On the defence, it’s got faust infantry (too bad I don’t have points for the tank hunter teams) and Panthers. I think the initiative will be with this list, though also very well aware its fragile and could all explode pretty quickly if it went wrong.

Now, that’s all the lists I’m thinking of, but I have one more bonus one; one which is of great importance… as it’s for the legend that is Winner Dave.

Now winner has not played much FoW; but when I mentioned this event, he said he was interested. Despite initially wanting to play the FV FJ’s, he decided to try the CT ones from Ardennes Offensive, as frankly his record with his FV FJ’s is dismal – and a magnet for 1’s and 2’s on his dice! This is what we came up with…

fjSo you have big blocks of CT German infantry with Fausts.  You do have to auto attack, so you have mortars and arty and nebs for smoke if you need it! You also have 2 rock solid King Tigers (these sold it to winner) and some AA to keep pesky AOP’s away – all in all a very Winner Dave list!

Anyway keep an eye out for my report from this event in December when it happens!