Armies Army – Scorpion

Today Mark takes a look at the Scorpion CVR(T) for the ‘Team Yankee’ BAOR produced by Armies Army.

The Scorpion

Before we look at the model lets take a quick delve into the Scorpion Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance, Tracked (CVR(T)).  The vehicle was produced by Avis and, in all, over 3,000 were produced for the British Army, RAF Regiment and export market.  The light nature of the vehicle makes it easy to transport with 2 fitting in a C-130K and its low ground pressure makes it able to fight in boggy locations (as proven in the Falklands conflict).  While its primary role was recce it also packed a powerful punch with a 76mm gun equipped with High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) rounds, making it perfect for ambushes and attacking anything less than a tier 1 MBT.

During the Cold War one of its roles was to dig in and hide on the border during periods of heightened tensions. Then when the invasion came, the red horde would roll past them and allow these recce troops to strike at the rear of the force, targeting vital logistics, AA and bridging equipment (A really key target).

In game the Scorpion comes in platoons for 2 or 4 and give a cheap yet effective recce screen, which once the fighting starts, can hold their own putting rounds down range.  Of course as with everything there is a downside; the commander also acts as the loader for the main gun, hence why it has a tactical speed of just 6 inches.  The key is to get into position early and then blast away with your ROF 2 AT 14 FP2+.  It just eats through those BMPs.  Additionally it has smoke rounds which can be really handy against bunched up BMPs when you are trying to mitigate their AT21 missiles.  For me there is no reason why you shouldn’t include 4 at 4pts in any British force.


The Scorpion boasts a respectable 3+ crossing value.

The Model

Armies Army started off with a hugely successful Kickstarter last year and are now selling their ever expanding British range as retail.  As with all their vehicles the Scorpion is a mix of a resin body with metal tracks, and turret.  In all there are only 7 pieces, making assembly a doddle, all the casting are crisp and there was very minimal flash or clean up (something I hate!).  Each vehicle also includes commander/drivers to fit in the turrets as well as hatches.  A small detail which I am very impressed with is the smoke launchers.  They are part of the turret so no need for pesky gluing and are incredibly detailed, and hard for a sculpt to pull off.

You can pick up 4 of these Scorpions for £24 at the Armies Army website.  That’s slightly more than you can get the BF plastic Scorpions for (best price I found was £21.60).  Ultimately your purchase decision will be affected by whether you are a plastic or resin/metal fan.  While I love the new BF plastics, after assembling so much, the quickness of these Scorpions was much appreciated.  One other aspect to consider is that the Armies Army set does not come with decals and will not include the TY card.  However if you are like me, you don’t really use them – well the cards anyway.




Armies Army’s Scorpions are a great model and as you can see below scale really well with the BF infantry.  While a bit more expensive than BF and lacking decals they are a fantastic option for those looking for a metal/resin alternative or cant face any more plastic clipping!  As for in game they are a cheap yet highly effective platoon, which packs a punch and is surprisingly survivable with sneak and peek.

To see more of Armies Army range follow this link.