Armies Army – Canadian and Dutch KIckstart

Today Breakthrough Assault would like to help spread the word about a new kickoff for Canadian and Dutch forces, courtesy of Armies Army.

Armies Army

Many of you will have seen our recent reviews of Armies Army or seen them posting on the Flames of War – Team Yankee facebook page.  They currently have a range of Soviets and following a very successful kickstarter a British range of well.  All fit nicely into the world of 1985 Cold War gone hot with their own rules but also with Team Yankee .  While Armies Army range is always expanding (watch out for reviews on their new Eastern German range shortly), they have launched a new funding campaign to produce Canadian and Dutch forces.  Lets have a look at what we know so far.

The Canadians

Armies Army plan a range of Canadians, including infantry, MBTs and support.

Infantry will have the C1 Submachine Gun, FNC1 Rifle and FNC2 Light Machinegun as well as the Carl Gustav 84mm (Yes another army that can strike fear into T72s!), Recoilless Rifle, m72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon, C5 General Purpose Machine Gun and the 60mm Mortar allowing you to field all the requirements for your infantry company.

Vehicle wise there will be the Leopard C1, Lynx, M113 and M150 including TOW mounts.  So far we have some work in progress shots of one of the infantry models and CAD mock ups of the vehicles.

We know from BF’s announcement on Xmas video that Canadians are coming to Team Yankee we just don’t have exact timings, so these may well be a most welcome addition as the game continues to grow its fan base.

13342121_10154447195248974_1294914677_n dozer m113 wip

M113 with dozer blade


Leopard C1

M113 angle


Tow angle

M150 TOW


Lynx recce vehicle

The Dutch

Like the WARSAW Pact NATO shared a lot of equipment across its forces.  The Dutch actually utilised a lot of similar equipment to the Canadians and British (already in his range) along with US systems such as the Dragon, therefore this force has also been added to the Kickstart.

Therefore as well as the infantry you will also find the YP-408 (including TOW launcher upgrade), YPR-765 and the Dutch turret for the Leopard (different to the Canadian).

yp-408 2

YP-408 (will also have TOW upgrade)




In order to fund the product on both these forces, Armies Army have set up a Kickstart campaign.  You can currently pledge for various levels of rewards up to the 18th of Feb.  The rewards currently have a 10% discount what will be the retail costs after the campaign.  All models are a mix of resin and white metal.

If you are interested in learning more then check out the Armies Army page here .

Keep an eye out for reviews of all the new Canadian and Dutch forces on Breakthrough Assault later in April.