AIW Painting Challenge Month Two – WinnerDave’s Jordanians


Month two has flown by, I thought I had some breathing space but it turns out I’ve been painting like a madman in order to get these done.  Even with a two week holiday off work.

Edge highlighting alone took me 3 days and I was so glad when it was done.  10 tanks at once is hard work.

Without further a do here they are…1415pts worth of tank.  My list only calls for 9 of them, but I wasn’t going to not paint one simply because it’s not in my current iteration of a list.

Blue square platoon, have a spare wheel on the front glacis plate for added ease of identification on the table top
Yellow circle platoon have tracks on the front glacis
Just 2 tanks in solid red triangle platoon

CinC and 2iC have search lights

another shot of the bosses

Centurion is a beauty of a tank, some of my casts were dubious with the hulls being slightly askew, which is annoying.  Also some of the tracks are higher up the hull than others, but painted up and slapped on a tabletop I think they’ll look the bomb.

Hope you like them, I’m so glad month 3 of this painting challenge is only 2 AA guns and 4 jeeps and that’s it another army to add to the collection.



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