AIW Painting Challenge Month Two – Adam’s UAR

So I wrote this and it seems to have vanished into the ether hmm…

Anyway, this month I had the relatively small task of only 8 T55’s this was due to me being on holiday so needed to be small – though having a large chunk this month moving house may be a challenge too…
Anyway this was really much the same as last month, the only real difference was that I painted the lights on the vehicles red for the second platoon, and green for the IC.

I learnt a couple of things from last time – such as decals after the filter due to the curved surfaces in the hulls, and also have learnt for next time to be a little more careful applying the filter – managed to build up some orange residue this time, which required some dust to mask it in the end.

Otherwise my only apology is photos without terrain, as Ben and winner have it all I was left without this month when doing my pictures.

I’m really enjoying this little project, and can’t wait to do my scout company and MiG this month

anyway, till next time


8 thoughts on “AIW Painting Challenge Month Two – Adam’s UAR

  1. Amazing work on those T-55s! (I know cos I've just painted and assembled a mere 12 and they don't look half as good as yours. Aren't they an SOB to assemble though – those mudguards!

    1. Trust me anyone who does double digits on these is a saint! If you check the mud guards on the AA I think one is round the wrong way!

  2. Beautiful tanks.

    O and CYMRU AM BYTH!

    Love that you lot love your rugby, but I'm always a happy Welshman abroad when I watch England lose to my boys.

    1. We don't normally make negative comments about our readers – but as a Welshman we may make an exception 😉 thanks for reading though, glad you like the tanks

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