AIW Painting Challenge Month Three – Adam’s UAR

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So the colossal task is over! I had been dreading this month as it was not only the 13 vehicle hulls but air and infantry.

I started with the infantry platoon – as with the vehicles I’ve done all the models as opposed to only those I need as it requires little more models. The infantry were painted off the bases, with a grey undercoat, I then used zenithal spraying with desert tan and sand to highlight them. After this I picked out the faces and hands using US drab then a little flesh to highlight. The guns are neutral grey/light sea grey with flat earth for the wooden parts. I then varnished before applying a thinned down Vallejo umber wash over the whole model to add definition. I’ve left the bases sandy with minimal drybrushing – as I’ve not found any tufts I think suit it.

For the vehicles I did them exactly as I had all my other vehicles, I had let winner clean my airbrush prior to this, and found that my usual ‘bite’ point for gently applying sand had changed so some of the highlights were rougher at the start – I had to alter angles between the two very similar hulls just to ease my options. You’ll also notice I completely forgot to chip the APC’s – oh well! Otherwise once the sand was done the only real chore was the brown lining but actually whilst I spent a whole day getting them to the weathering stage it was pretty quick going.

The other model was my MiG – I search the Internet for alternate paint schemes – as I really disliked the metal one it shows on the box. I found a couple of ones which showed a tan colour with green/brown or both as camo – so I went with that. I kept the brown the same as on the T55’s to add more force cohesion. I highlighted more in a zenithal way than modulation, and applied blue tack to do the brown and also highlighted that in the same way. I again brown lined and picked out details like the cockpit. I then masked off the top of the plane and used sky blue on the underside – inspired a little by the pictures of the Hind from Team Yankee!

So there you have it the entire force completed in three months. I’ve also picked up some objectives and tokens – it’s been a monumental challenge – I don’t think I’ll want to do a hoard army in a challenge again – but I’ve loved learning about filters and brown lining etc really helped me develop my painting – now to game with them!

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